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Going Postal, The Weirdest Things Ever Shipped

GOING POSTAL THE WEIRDEST THINGS EVER SHIPPED Children A Time Machine A Hamster Everyone likes to complain about the price of train Even hamsters get a little While this may be science homesick apparently. A tickets. Well, an Ohio fiction for some, one man family from Essex were so tried to send his home-made worried about leaving their beloved pet at home when couple took it to the next level when they realised that it was actually cheaper to time machine to a friend as it was becoming too large to they went away that they fit in his home. He'd never posted it to where they were staying. Don't worry - the hamster survived the trip. post their child instead, although the post office put have had this problem with a stop to this pretty quick. a Delorean. A Garden Pond 500 Barbie Dolls A Severed Ear You're moving home, but We have all heard about you just can't bear to be parted with your pristine garden pond? Well someone One man in his 50s that was crazy fans, but the bar was moving home, paid for his raised when someone sent 500 plus collection of Barbie Jared Leto a severed ear, decided to take action and dolls to be sent to his estate, which he then wore around if that wasn't strange shipped their pond with water, fish and lily pads in tow. Some people just love the pond life. his neck, because if enough he left the delivery company with very specific instruction on how they someone is willing to go all Van Gogh for you then you should at least acknowledge should be set up. it, right? Man Mailed Himself Back to Australia 25,000 Sea Turtle Eggs Pieces of the Titanic Did you know that postage saved this endangered species? Following an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, About 90 tons of the So you're stranded in London legendary 'unsinkable' vessel were shipped all with no money for a ticket the way to Atlanta from Italy for the 'Titanic: The back to Australia. What better way to return home about 25,000 eggs were in discomfort than by found and mailed across to Artefact Exhibition'. Extra posting yourself in a nice padded box across the the coast of Florida where care was taken for icebergs 14,000 of them successfully this time round. globe? Well, that's exactly hatched in oil free waters. what Australian athlete Reg Spiers did. A Brick £250,000 Drone A Cat We've all heard of glitter bombs and other annoying Christmas might have come In the early 1900s early for this chap, as he opened up his morning mail only to find a £250,000 federal drone inside. Sadly revolutionary pneumatic things you can send to your tubes were said to be the victim of choice, but if these future of 'cough' post. But are all a bit mainstream for before that came to an end it didn't stop someone from you why not just slap a label on a brick and post it he didn't get a chance to try it out before the men in sending a cat down one, their way? black promptly came to take it away. which thankfully survived the traumatic ordeal. A Bank Slave Posted to Freedom Thousands of Creepy Letters In 1916, William H. Coltharp After a few failed attempts decided to build a bank, While there isn't anything to break out of slavery, however he had his mind set strange about posting a letter, the residents of Henry 'Box' Brown had the ingenious idea to mail himself to freedom. Sadly he on using bricks located 200 Circleville started receiving miles away. He sussed out that it was cheapest to send thousands of random was a bit smug with his all 80,000 of them in the US anonymous letters. A man success and drew quite a lot mail, which led to the 20 was arrested for this but pound per day limit being introduced. of attention to himself, the letters kept coming until one day they resulting in him being chased out of the country. mysteriously stopped. The Hope Diamond A 'Pristine' Sex Toy Collection Diseases Back in the 1800s there was One of the world's most only one type of postage, so A Derbyshire couple famous and allegedly deadly samples of diseases had to be sent via post to requested their pristine sex toy collection was placed 'cursed' diamonds was once into a tamper-proof box and posted to their new home; sent as simple registered the National Health Board, mail for a cost of $140. It's currently worth an estimated $250 million, though the probably alongside the monthly subscription to 'Horse and Cart' magazine. they were obviously paranoid the postman might $140 apparently covered mess with their most insurance in case it got lost. precious possessions. Dead Cat Hot A Rhino Shepherd's Pie "What's in the package One couple traveling abroad were so distraught by the We all know mums go the John?" death of their beloved cat extra mile for their children, "Don't ask.." that they had it shipped all the way back for a home burial. Now imagine having but has yours ever cooked a shepherd's pie, have it shipped over 450 miles away An adult mother rhino was to describe that one to the to you and somehow shipped from Switzerland to managing to keep it warm? That's one 'piefect' mother. post office. Ireland in order to become the surrogate parent for an infant rhino who tragically lost his mother. Barrington Freight SOURCES + REFERENCES

Going Postal, The Weirdest Things Ever Shipped

shared by barringtonfreight on Apr 30
We thought it would be interesting to take a look through some of the most bizarre things people have ever sent or tried to ship form one destination to another. From Children (yep, actual children) t...


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