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Funny Warning Signs from Around The World

FUNIAY! TUI WARNING SIGNS FROM AROUND THE WORLD SIGN NOT CAUTION THIS SIGN HAS IN USE SHARP EDGES DO NOT TOUCH THE EDGES OF THIS SIGN A brilliant example from the UK, this incredibly useful sign points only to a lack of understanding of the term 'redundant', and perhaps a council with excess budget, as someone had to sign off on actually making this... Another fantastically funny sign, this time from the United States. This one begs all sort of questions, but we really can't help but wonder how anyone came to the conclusion that this would be needed... Brentwood Chipping Ongar Industrial Estates BEWARE OE Secret Nuclear Bunker ROAD SURPRISES Another example from the UK, this sign is a great example of the word 'ironic'. Of course we know the bunker is no longer a secret, and is probably a busy tourist attraction, but this sign still makes us laugh. This sign is from the United Arab Emirates, where apparantly being specific isn't of particular importance to the local sign makers. It also makes you wonder what surprises could be lurking on the road in the UAE... SOTP STOP NO STOPPING ANY TIME This one comes from a car park in the US. How the mistake wasn't spotted is anyone's guess, but anagrams and driving probably aren't the best combination. We can only assume there wasn't the budget to print a replacement... Neither of these signs from the US are funny or strange in any way, but in combination they certainly send a mixed message. We're not sure what we'd do if we pulled up at this junction, but there's a chance of being arrested either way! NO DOCTOR DONTT DRINK AND DRIVE NO HOSPITAL ONE CEMETERY This sign from the United States isn't a mistake at all, it's actually brilliant and does a great job about making you think about your own levels of perception. Perhaps if you were drunk this sign would make perfect sense... Yet another example from America, this sign takes a very quirky approach to road safety. Rather than suggesting you drive carefuly, this sign quite pointedly suggests dangerous driving will only end in one way. ROAD UNSAFE WHEN UNDER WATER This sign from the US is one of two rain-related signs we found that do an excellent job of stating the blindingly obvious. We're not too sure who's actually driving under water, but it's safe to say it isn't the best idea... The one's from Japan, where apparantly crabs trying to cross the road is a common situation. This sign warns road users to be careful of crabs atempting to make the perilous crossing across the roads throughout Japan. STOP DANGER AHEAD FASTEN SAFETY BELTS REMOVE DENTURES This superb sign is from South Africa, where they clearly take a unique approach to warning of potentially unstable road surfaces. I think that's the first time we've ever seen dentures The final example from the United States, this combination of signs really leaves us wondering what they expect drivers to do at this junction. I guess they want you to stop, and then stay there forever... used to illustrate road conditions! My Safety Sign

Funny Warning Signs from Around The World

shared by Designbysoap on Oct 19
Road signs and warning signs aren't usually the source of much entertainment or amusement, but just occasionally you might come across one that makes you chuckle, and as it turns out, they're more com...


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