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Family Gatherings Infographic

The Game of Your Life: FAMILY GATHERINGS EDITION It's a familiar tale: Mum's gone and organised a family gathering! Now you have to kiss elderly relatives, endure destructive cousins, and listen to yet more of Grandad's 'back in my day' stories. There's only one way to get through this day. Play the game... The prize? Peace and quiet. 'E MUM'S MAKEUP DRAWER THE DRINKS CABINET DAD'S BEDSIDE TABLE BIG SISTER'S BEDROOM JACКРОТ: COUSIN DRAW MOUSTACHES ON HER FAVOURITE POSTERS.. £ Costly if caught MISS A GO AS YOU AND YOUR CUESS WHO She can't remember the name of the man she's talking about. with "You know who | Gran mean, beady eyes... wears glasses? ..really bad breath.." Uncle Dave, Gran. Your son. He's sat next to you... Awkward silence descends and you're able to escape to the kitchen... Uncle Dave Uncle Dave But in the kitchen, Mum and Aunty Jane are warming up for a game of... Uncle Dave Passive-Agressive RELATIONSHIP This trifle is interesting... Aunty Jane ... Mum ..what did you use? Aunty Jane Fruit. I know you're not familiar with the concept... Mum OUCH. ITSAHIT! Aunty Jane has been blown out of the water! Now, it's time to sit down at the dinner table... but you're not free yet! Be careful what you say in this game... 36 37 29 Get caught rolling eyes at Uncle Jim's 31 storytelling... 22 23 24 Extra helping of roast potatoes for 15 you... "That's a nice new top Mum..." 11 You have to wash the dishes as punishment. 2 The food is finally here! But there's another obstacle in your way; A greedy little brother. It's everyone for themselves in this fight to feed... HUNGRY HUNGRY... BROTHER In the scramble for second portions, he HUNGRY, HUNGRY H...elps himself to more of the veg, but you bag the last roast potato...HA. GAME RULES You survived dinner. But people are milling about chatting instead of going home. This won't do. If you ever want the TV to yourself again, you need to avoid certain topics of conversation... Grandad's OPERATION DODGY KNEE Mention knee problems, and prepare to listen to an hour of how you know nothing of pain, and how arthritis will catch up with you one day.. HEARING PROBLEMS What's that you say? .Eh? Sigh. HIP-OP Whatever you do.. make sure to NEVER bring up the hip replacement, otherwise be prepared to be regaled with 'I survived' horror stories from the ward, and demonstrations of how flexible the new hip is... Y. W N YOU DID IT! You have the house to yourself again. Scrabble anyone?... oh. Brought to you by: DOORS &more GARDEN SHED BISCUIT TI E Priceless

Family Gatherings Infographic

shared by BoomOnline on Jan 18
Batten down the hatches, it's a family gathering! These affairs can be quite intense at the best of times and pure chaos at the worst. This fun infographic from Doors & More lays out your survival gui...


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