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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses Not only does the average woman in the UK spend a massive £84,000 in their lifetime on clothes, but they continually tell white lies and fibs to mask their guilt! The below data and information illustrates many of their pitfalls with regards to shopping and the "Top 10 Excuses" they use when giving their reason for buying to their husbands and boyfriends. Added up across the United Kingdom, women spend more than £1,600,000,000 ON MORE THAN 500 MILLION ITEMS OF CLOTHING THEY WILL NEVER WEAR Placed on a clothes rail, the unworn could stretch 15,534 miles O The Life-time chart The average woman spends roughly £84,000 on clothes in a lifetime buying roughly 3,109 items along the way 185 271 145 £7,699 £13,989 £5,420 O The Percentages ) 8 out of 10 women admit to ripping price tags out off newly purchased items before arriving home 88% of women 60% struggle to find say they own at least 1 pair of jeans they never wear 14% hide purchases something to wear on a night out with friends from their partners 41 per cent insist they are planning to lose weight before getting some use out of their unworn outfits. 0% 41% 100% The Top 10 Excuses When women don't want to tell the truth about a particular purchase they will start planning an excuse from the moment they order their purchase online or receive it in store. The below outlines the most common excuses used to fool partners. "OH THIS OLD THING, IT ONLY COST. → 'IT WAS IN THE SALE'→ I'VE HAD IT FOR AGES IBOUGHT IT WITH BIRTHDAY/ CHRISTMAS MONEY BUT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WEAR I HAD TO BUY IT BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE THAT FITS IT WAS REDUCED TO. 1 HAD VOUCHERS IN MY PURSE 'EVERYONE ELSE IS GETTING A NEW OUTFIT "SOMEONE BOUGHT IT FOR ME WHAT OTHER PURCHASES DO SPOUSES HIDE FROM EACH OTHER fibbing with regards to clothes but how do the two sexes compare when looking at other spending habits? What else do we blow our cash on but keep secret? Women o the majority MEN WOMEN 19% 8% ALCOHOL | 24% CLOTHES 43% 14% 6% MUSIC 12% | 21% GIFTS DATING WEBSITES 4% | 1% Sources: QVC Survey Co-operative insurance Survey HOW MUCH? HOW MANY? WHICH ITEM?

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

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Women spend a large amount of money on clothes and those unworn jeans, shoes and unused handbags soon add up. Then what to say if an item of clothing wasn't as cheap as you wanted but you just had to...


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