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The Evolution of Man - How Do You Protect Your Treasure?

Ihe Evolution of Man How Do You Protect Your Treasure? SHOULD I UPGTRADE TO THE 70000 BC NEWETZMODEL? KATNISS HAS NOTHING ON ME. 70000 B.C - Neanderthals used clubs as well as other stone tools for many reasons. These weapons were used to protect themselves from enemies and kill animals for food and resources. 3000 BC 3000 B.C - Ancient Egyptians often used projectile weapons to protect themselves. These included spears, javelins, and slingshots but the bow and arrow was used most often. Нмм, тоокs LIKE MY SPEARIS BIGGERTHAN YOUTZSPEAR 500 BC DOES THIS НЕLMET МАКЕ ME LOOK FAT? 500 B.C - Soldiers in the Roman army often used a spear and short sword in battle. They also wore leather armor, a helmet, and carried a shield to protect themselves. 900 AD I SHOULD HAVE 900 A.D - Vikings used a variety of battle axes that were light and well balanced for fast and deadly attacks. They also protected themselves with chain armor, helmets and shields. WOZN MY SuмMEZ CHAINMAIL 1200 AD YARR, I'u BLOW ME CANNON 1200 A.D - Medieval knights used long double-edged swords and a lance while fighting. The lance enabled the knight to attack their opponent while mounted on a horse and later resorted to their sword while fighting on the ground. THROUGH YOuz PORTHOLE! 1500 AD TEA AND сгимрЕтS Дт 1500 HOUTRS? 1500 A.D. - Pirates used many weapons including guns, swords and cannons to engage their opponent. Cannons were often used during sea battles to disable an enemy ship from afar. 1770 AD I'M UVNGN A GANGSTETZ'S 1770 A.D. - The Musket gun was long and heavy and allowed soldiers to attach a bayonet at its end. Properly trained soldiers could load and fire four rounds per minute. This gun was later replaced by the rifle. PARADISE. 1930 FAROUT! I CAN KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON MY MAGIC PLANTS 1930 - The Thompson submachine gun, or Tommy gun, was one of the first automatic fire machine guns with cartridge of a pistol. Highly manufactured during WWII, the gun also became the weapon of choice among American gangsters. 1969 NO MORE WITZES? I GUESSI CAN GET RID OF THIS THING NOW. 1969 - Marie Brown was the 1st to patent a home security system in late 1969. This system used television surveillance. 2004 SITZI, REMIND ME TO... 2004 - Wireless home security makes protection much easier. Because these systems do not require hard-wiring to your home they are more secure, much easier to install, and portable to a new home. 2012 2012 - As technology continues to advance, so do home security system features. Today, the best wireless systems on the market include remote monitoring from your computer or mobile phone. You can even arm or disarm your system from afar. We've come a long way from 70,000 B.C. |LifeShield Sources: SECURITY

The Evolution of Man - How Do You Protect Your Treasure?

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What do canons, cell phones, and suits of armor all have in common?


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