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Dooms Day 2012

DOOMS DAY 2012: THE MAYANPROPHECY The Mayan Calendar predicted the Doomsday in December 21, 2012 which is said to be end date of 5125 year long-cycle. The Mayan month had 20 days with the exception of one month which had 5 days. The last Mayan city of Tayasal existed until 1697 at location considered to be modern site of Guatemala country. TOP DOOMSDAY 2012 SCENARIOS- WIDELY BELIEVED Meteor or Comet Impact Event Earth will be hit by a 10, 20 or 50 mile wide asteroid similar to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Solar Flares Solar cycle will cause powerful life-killing solar flares. Geomagnetic Pole Reversal Earth's magnetic field will reverse, causing Alien Invasion A massive fleet of alien space ships would drop out of hyperspace in geosynchronous orbit above the Earth. Without Break down of all our satellites and electrical systems across the world Break down of all electronic devices including mobile phones and computers warning, they would flood our atmosphere with massive quantities of neutrons and gamma ray radiation, killing all life on the planet in minutes. Collapse of the global economy Riots and uprising Somehow all the above might lead to World War Three. Geological Crustal Displacement O Zombies! Earth's outer crust would slip over the molten mantle like a loose peel of an orange. This would cause Hordes of flesh-eating zombies would claw their way from the grave to shuffle mindlessly across the Earth driven by the pure, instinctual impulse to feed upon the living. Massive tectonic upheavals and volcanic eruptions The rapid melting of the ice caps and global flooding NATIONS PREPARING FOR THE DOOMSDAY MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT SOME COUNTRIES ARE SECRETLY PREPARING FOR THE CATASTROPHE. Russia is constructing 5000 new bomb shelters. seeds in water proof and Holland is storing high quality high pressure containers. 00000 INTERESTING FACTS| 2012 Movie earned total of $769,679,473 and became the 38th highest grossing film of all time worldwide. 41 percent of Americans believe that Jesus will return by 2050 and most of them believe Doomsday will come. More than 50 million tourists are expected to visit ancient Mayan places like Chichen Itza, Palenque, Merida, Tulum, Tikal and Uxmal in the Southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala areas in 2012 and make a good business for travel agencies. Sources: Designed by: InfoGraphicg DESIG N TEAMÜ JANUARY 2012

Dooms Day 2012

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Don't you believe that doomsday is knocking at the door? Check out what others believe about December 21, 2012 being the end of the world.


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