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Condoms vs Babies presents Condoms vs Babies: A biased comparison using science and other shit. Why would a guy. risk having a baby? Blame it on being lazy. Blame it on loving the 'raw dog'. Blame it on not knowing why he should have one on. Until The pros and the cons Now. of babies and rubbers : I COST Arubber costs 75 cents. A rubber costs Money spent raising a baby (handjobs are free) $12,589,236 (that's more than the GDP of Latvia. That place sucks) no more seX axis 2 MESS Babies will poop 400 tons every year. (most of that directly on your face) TIME 3 it only takes about (spent) 10 SECONDS to put on a wishing condom or you had putting on condom 18 YEARS begging for an abortion (manslaughter will only get you 3 to 5 years in jail) banging it out your girlfriend forgot. SEX4 girl from bar (before and after baby) Dave's mom the 'twins' study partner the same chick - random #7 chick at bus stop ^her roommate your first Asian friend's sister your hand chick in Biology 5 WEEKENDS then) (beers and stuff) drinking 33% chilling (with bros) 24% smoking (herbs and such) 28% playing (sports and shit) 19% banging (whomever) 22% WEEKENDS (like a bitch) (child support) (suicide) (frequently) (diapers) 33% crying 24% paying 28% contemplating 19% masturbating 22% changing Conclusion: Condoms vs Baes Buy condoms TROJAN MAGNUM. ENZ ECSTASY FneicE and use them. MY MONTHLY RUBBERS click. buy. bang.

Condoms vs Babies

shared by teagle on Jan 22
Why won't a guy use a condom? Maybe it's because he doesn't realize the hell life will be if he doesn't.


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