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Celebrating World Beard Day with Beard Heaven Vs. Beard Hell

BEARD HEAVEN VS. BEARD HELL Beards have long been regarded as a symbol of WISDOM - Socrates and Shakespeare were among just some of the thought leaders of their day rocking a beard. Beards have been studied in detail for their links BALDNESS - it has been suggested that big beards encourage hair loss on the top of your head for heat loss! to male pattern King of comedy Paul Rudd 100% COOLÈR when he grew a beard. ZAC EFRON qrew a beard. It did not make him cooler. got As it's a sign of physical maturity, many perceive a beard sporting bloké as a MATURE man with POWER and SOCIAL STATUS, studies have shown. There is such a thing as a phobia of beards. Pogonophobia can sufferers short of breath and feeling COMPLETELY TERRIFIED. leave A beard has been proven to improve male SELF-CONFIDENCE! A 2013 study showed people thought men with beards were 38% LESS GENEROUS, 35% LESS CARING and 51% LESS CHEERFUL than their clean-shaven counterparts. Women rated men with beards as more likely to have good parenting skills - therefore making you more ATTRACTIVE to women seeking long term relationships. A further study saw women commonly viewing a beard as LACKING IN CLEANLINESS. You can spout EPIC facts such as this when people touch your beard: In the middle ages, anyone who touched another man's beard was considered offensive and was grounds for a duel The legend of Abe Lincoln's beard gets a little LESS LEGENDARY upon knowing that he only grew one because an 11 year old told him he had a skinny façe and would look better with one. And you can make profound statements such as this "A man doesn't grow a beard, A BEARD GROWS A MAN". Being CLEAN SHAVEN has been proven to make women feel SAFER in the company of a man. Infographic created by BARRIE STEPHEN Sources: and

Celebrating World Beard Day with Beard Heaven Vs. Beard Hell

shared by SophieOliviaBB on Sep 12
With World Beard Day just around the corner (it's the 6th September folks) we wanted to recognise all that is weird and wonderful about having a beard - the good, the bad and the ugly!


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