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The Boss Decoder

THE BOSS DECODER Ever get the idea your boss is saying one thing, but means another? Use this cheat sheet to find out nhat she's really teling you. You're sick? Oh, get better soon. You're probably hung over. Use your best judgment. If you don't do it my way, it's wrong. If your work is finished, feel free to go home. ...unless, of course, you want a promotion. I'M ONLY THINKING OF YOUR CAREER GROWTH. I really need someone to keep doing all this menial sbit so I don't have to. We work hard and play hard. We work hard. Thanks for the idea-l'll take it into consideration. Really hard. That idea sucks. I'd like your feedback on my performance as I'd love to, but my partners/board/trustees won't allow it. your manager. This is a stupid ritual HR makes us go through. Just rate me as "exceeds expectations" in I don't want to do that. every category and nobody gets hurt. I HAVE AN OPEN-DOOR POLICY. you can tell me if the building is on fire. Otherwise, leave me alone. I have a client meeting in the city this afternoon. think What do you about I'm leaving early to beat traffic. Please tell me how great my idea is. I'll be in meetings all day. I won't be responding to your emails today, so don't bother. brought to you by the DailyMuse

The Boss Decoder

shared by dailymuse on Jun 04
Ever get that feeling your boss is saying one thing, but really means something entirely different? Yeah, us, too. Translate your manager’s messages with this handy cheat sheet.


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