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Bad manners: Old-fashioned manners are long gone

Death of Manners Are we in the midst of a RUDE awakening? 76% 70% 94% of adults surveyed say Americans are ruder and less civilized than they were 20 or 30 years ago of Americans say Americans are ruder to service believe the general workers than tone and level of civility in the U.S. sa problem they were 10 years ago Manners, it seems, are taking a nosedive... On the Road Drivers who say it's getting worse 81% Cell phone use Aggressive driving Driver courtesy 60% 41% Giving the right of way 24% In our Language Our potty mouths have gotten worse. People 55 and older who swear in public: Between 1998 and 2002, foul language on TV increased: 48% during "family hour" 94% People 18-34 who swear in public: 74% during the 109% widoo:6 time'slot Up In the Air Half of airplane travelers surveyed are most annoyed by: Fellow air passengers with poor hygiene Kicking the back of airplane seats Deplaning ahead of others seated in front Why so rude? It makes cents Nice guys earn almost $1ok Less than their ruder counterparts Mean gals earn almost $2k more than their more agreeable counterparts Blame it on our location... Top 10 rudest cities as voted by Travel+Leisure readers, 2012 5 Boston 1 New York City 9 Baltimore 3 Washington D.C. Los Angeles 8. Phoenix/Scottsdale Atlanta 6. Dallas/Fort Worth 10 Orlando 2 Miami On poor role models... 69% of Americans say the increase in rudeness is due, at least in part, to public figures behaving badly According to the National League of Junior Cotillions (NLJC), the most ill-mannered person in 2011 was Tiger Woods was fined an undisclosed amount (estimated to be as much as $16,000) for spitting on the green during a golf match in Dubai Kim Kardashian -Or maybe on ourselves?- Our definition of "rude" is changing... "Is it rude to be on a cell phone while sitting next to someone in public?" YES! 2009 51% 2010 43% There's a glimmer of hope from the younger generation People under the age of 30 are more likely to confront someone regarding their bad behavior. Kate Middleton (who's two years younger than Kim Kardashian) was voted the most well-mannered person of 2011 by the NLJC. Other under-3os on the list: Justin Bieber Taylor Swift Emma Watson Tim Tebow" Sources: 76% Say Americans are Becoming More Rude, Less Civilized," Rasmussen Reports, 2011 Weber Shandwick poll, 2010 Texas Transportation Institute, 2010 "The Blue Tube: foul Language on Prime Time Network TV," Parents Television Council, 2003 Do Nice Guys-and Gals-Really Finish Last?" Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2011 your future starts here "Rudeness Poll North America," Travelocity, 2009 "America's Rudest Cities," Travel+Leisure, 2012 Rudeness Study, Ipsos-Public Affairs/AP, 2005 "Tiger Woods Fined for Spitting on Golf Course," Stephen Smith,, 2011

Bad manners: Old-fashioned manners are long gone

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From the road to the sky, people are seeing more rudeness, hearing more rudeness, and speaking more rudeness. The question is: why? In this infographic, we share shocking stats about just how rude tod...



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