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Back to the Future - 4th Dimensional Timeline

BACK-I TFUTURE EINSTEIN- - MARTY - - DO - - JENNIFER - - BIFF (old) - A 4th DIMENSIONAL TIMELINE 1985 2015 1955 1885 Please excuse the crudity of this model. Ididn't have time to build it to scale or paint it. M PART Start 2 1) 4 3 RAYs ALMANAC 1950-2000 PART 6 5 II 8 10 7 6, PART 12 EAUG CALIFORNIA a 11 13 OUTATIME OO OO XIT 14 End 1. Einstein travels one minute into the future proving the time machine works. Doc is killed by Libyan terrorists. Marty flees the terrorists and inadvertently travels back to 1955. 2. Marty finds the Doc of 1955. He ensures his parents meet and kiss after first interrupting their meeting. George McFly confronts Biff creating an alternate timeline. Marty writes a letter to Doc warning him of his death in 1985. They use the lightning strike of the clock tower to power the time machine with 1.21 gigawatts sending Marty back to 1985. 3. Doc wears a bullet proof vest and survives. Marty's family is much more confident, successful and happy in this alternate timeline. Marty now has a 4x4. 4. Doc travels into the future. He has the Delorean hover converted. He sees Marty's kids' lives ruined when Marty Jr. follows Griff (Biff's grandson) on a robbery. Doc travels back to 1985. 5. Doc picks up Marty and Jennifer and they travel forward to 2015 to fix their kid's futures. 6. Marty impersonates his son and confronts Griff. Griff is arrested after crashing his hover board into the courthouse - fixing Marty Jr.s future. Marty buys a sports almanac. Biff from 2015 discovers the time machine and hears Marty's plan for the sports almanac. Biff secretly uses the time machine to travel back to 1955. 7. Biff from 2015 gives the sports almanac to Biff from 1955 creating an alternate timeline where Biff becomes wealthy and powerful from sports gambling. 8. Biff from 2015 returns in the time machine to 2015. Unaware, Marty Doc and Jennifer travel back to 1985. 9. Once there they realize that they are now in an alternate timeline where Biff is powerful, has killed Marty's father and is now married to his mother - and where the Doc has been committed. Marty and Doc travel back to 1955 to prevent young Biff from obtaining the sports almanac. 10. Marty gets the almanac from Biff and destroys it creating a new timeline more similar to the original. The Delorean is struck by lightning sending the Doc back to 1885. 11. Doc becomes a blacksmith. He hides the time machine in a mine and writes a letter explaining that Marty should return home to 1985. Doc in 1885 meets Clara and they fall in love. 12. Marty finds the Doc of 1955. Together they find the Delorean and restore it. They discover that the Doc of 1885 will be (was) killed by Mad Dog Tannen. Marty uses the restored time machine to go back and save the Doc in 1885. 13. Marty confronts Tannen and saves the Doc. They use a train to get up to 88mph but the Doc decides to stay in 1885 with Clara. 14. Marty returns to 1985. The Delorean is destroyed by a train. Doc, Clara and their children appear in a flying time-traveling train then depart for new adventures. erected by 10/21/2015

Back to the Future - 4th Dimensional Timeline

shared by adamchipman on Nov 23
To Celebrate the arrival of DOC and MARTY from the year 1985 at 7:28 AM on Oct 21st 2015 we present a timeline of timelines from the beloved Back to the Future Trilogy - complete with detailed footnot...


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