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The Australian Guide For Dummies AUSTRALIA FOR DUMMIES COMING TO AUSTRALIA FOR THE FIRST TIME.. Some nations around the world tend to have the weirdest of habits. However, when you think about it, for a foreign person it would be extremely difficult to settle to the Australian culture because. well, it's bizarre! SHORTENING EVERYTHING As it seems Australians shorten everything! I mean, saying sunnies instead of sunshades or boardies instead of board shorts will really save you hours of time. Not only that, but often Australians shorten names like Barry or Jeff. As they are not short already. Once a guy used binnos for his binoculars. Lazy people. "BRING A PLATE" When I came to Australia for the first time I was invited to a friend's barbecue and told "bring a plate". So l did. An empty plate. Turns out that in Australia they have this thing where they bring their own plate and some food along too. Who knew? BYO The term BYO became popular around the 1960 in restaurants across Melbourne. The idea is that you can Bring Your Own (thus the name) vine or beverages in certain bars. It is like a dream come true when a foreigner realises that they can take their own beer in the pub! WATCHING THE FOOTY In Australia there are four sports that qualify as footy (a.k.a. football) and one can never be too sure which one are people actually talking about. ONTER NIHN Anyway, you HAVE to love the footy! EATING SEAFOOD ON CHRISTMAS DAY Something really specific about Australia is that seasons here are reversed and Australian get their Christmas in the middle of the summer. It comes as a shock to see Santa riding a surfboard and his elves sunbathing. PLAYING THE POKIES Australia is the country where people gamble a lot. More than 80% of the adults have gambled at least once in the last year. DOD TRAVELLING.. SOME PLACE ELSE Australians love to travel anywhere. As long it's not Australia. Bali is among the most visited places and every Australian went on a holiday there at least once in his life. PREPARING FOR THE WINTER When the thermometer hits bellow 20 C this means that the winter clothing comes out of the closet and stays for two or three months. This is understandable for a country that has one season - summer.. all year round.

The Australian Guide For Dummies

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Every nation on the world has its own crazy habits. If you've ever wondered what would be like if you go to Australia and what wild things you may come across there, this guide may help you a bit. How...


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