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The Art of the Mustache

The Art -OF THE MO- Whats your style this MOVEMBER With so many styles of mo to choose from, the task of choosing yours can be a bit daunting. Never to fear! LONO Creative has broken down the styles for you to make life a little simpler, and fun! So peruse through the style listing below and discover which mo you want to go.. The Common Styles The HANDLEBAR The HORSESHOE The PENCIL The Handlebar' is one that is extremely bushy, and the ends are often long enough in order to be curled up on Some styling wax can be used to achieve this purpose. A smaller handle bar mo is called a A very popular western looking moustache. Also referred to as 'Pipes', horseshoe mo styles resemble an inverted horse shoe. It is a full moustache and the sides of the moustache run along the entire sides of the mouth till the jaw line. This is a mo typically associated with bikers, cowboys, and of course Hulk Hogan. Aka "The Mouthbrow'. This has been in existence for a grow and maintain. The Pencil is narrow and thin and just outlines the upper lip. There are many different ways to trim a pencil mo, in order to alter its appearance. Craig David and long time and is very simple to n the side and pointing upwards. 'Petite Handlebar'. Prince both love this one! The SCRAGGLER The CHAPLIN The COMBINATION "The Scraggler' is more of a trendy man's mo. It's been around for a long time, but holds a more subtle look, for those men who don't want to go full blown with their facial statement. This is a mo that's been sported by the likes of Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom. A.k.a The Toothbrush'. A thick mo, shaved to about an inch wide in the centre. An iconic mo "The Combination' has many manifestations You can join up some big mutton chops to your for e mo with both classicly funny and totalitarian associations. Charlie Chaplin made this an ie mo with the bowler's hat combo. Hitler made many people connote this inch-long bit of hair under the nose, as a symbol of fear, and hate. Please refer to Adventurous Styles below. r extra presence. and brave! You to be attempted by the con is a wild style only should work this look if you are Mr. T, or have some serious charisma to back The Combo'! The CHEVRON The GENTLEMAN The LAMPSHADE A.k.a 'Tom Selleck'. This is a classic style and is the most commonly scen amongst all the various mo styles. It is a long and wide mo that extends till the corners of the mouth, and covers up the entire upper lip. "The Gentleman' is a classic take on 'The Handlebar'. You're more likely to see this style fashioned in more regal settings, as opposed to rough biker bars, like it's cousin mo "The Handlebar'. "The Lampshade' is a thick mo, that is worn short under most circumstances. The ends of the moustache though, are commonly given an angular shape. The PAINTBRUSH The ENGLISH The FU MANCHU A thick mo, covering the width of the mouth, usually worn short, with slightly rounded corners. A classic and very popular. Safe and A very thin and narrow mo that's divided at the centre of the upper lip. The whiskers are very long, Similar to "The Horseshoe'. Instead of the ends of the whiskers which run down the side of the mouth, ending at the jaw line, they are allowed to grow beyond the jaw line. They're seen dangling below the jaw line. You may have seen a lot of Oriental movies with people sporting the fu manchu mo style. g, but not bushy. They're pulled to each side of the centre to give an elongated appearance. The corners of the mouth are shaved. Artificial styling aids are generally permitted. The Adventurous Styles The DALI The INVERTED The CHAPLIN vs HITLER The FINGER MO "The Dali' is a narrow mustache with long points bent or curved steeply upward. Named for artist Salvador Dali. Please note for this style, you will most likely need some serious strength hair gel or wax to keep your whiskers defiying grafity. For all the ladies out there that have always wanted to grow a mo, or just want to join in the fun with the gentlemen this Movember, this is the mo for you! Grab a pen, and create whatever style you wish on your index finger, then get out there and get amongst it! "The Inverted' is basically flipping the mo inside out. People will look at men sporting "The .The the mo is?.. beard's there, but something's missing? Technically this isn't a mo, but it's drawing people's attention to the upper lip area! This syle can be seen commonly among the "The Chaplin' can be a dangerous mo to sport, as there's a fine line between how people perceive this style. Below explains the do's and dont's of "The Chaplin'. If you're careful with this style, go for it, but please proceed with caution.... Inverted' and wonder where Amish community. Design by LONO Creative 2011

The Art of the Mustache

shared by LONO on Feb 20
To support, generate awareness and inspire people who would be taking part in Movember we designed this infographic to show the classic styles


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