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Are You Obsessed With Your Cell Phone?

ARE YOU ODSESSED WITH YOUR CELL PHONE? Ceende Phces Camera Cellular phones have changed the way we live and work. No matter the location, whatever the time, we have grown accustom to constant available contact. Here are a few astounding statistics that show just how much we have come to rely on them. 4,239,956 PEOPLE are having a cell phone conversation at any given SECOND in the world. 32% OF MEN and 23% OF WOMEN say they CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT their cell phone 15% of Americans have INTERRUPTED SEX to ANSWER a cell phone CALL 250,000 22,128,000 people voted for AMERICAN IDOL on their cell phones. Approximately the PÓPULATION of TEXAS. TONS 500 MILLION CELL PHONES weighing 250,000 TONS are currently stock-piled and awaiting disposal. That's the weight of 25 EIFFEL TOWERS. 89% of US citizens used cell phones in 2009 27% of US citizens used cell phones in 1999 28% of teens admit to TEXTING WHILE DRIVING, which makes them 23 TIMES more prone to ACCIDENTS. 47% OF TEENS say their social lives would end'without text messaging. Mobile PORN SITES in China received 18 MILLION hits in the first year of having a 3G NETWORK. OF TEENS have received 30% PORNOGRAPHIC texts or videos of one of their FRIENDS. 37 BILLION 60% of a phone's RADIATION is absorbed by the USER'S HEAD 8.5 BILLION 139 MILLION 2000 2005 2009 WIRELESS REVENUES were than 250 TIMES greater in 2009 than in 2000. more,2817,2357142,00.asp %24

Are You Obsessed With Your Cell Phone?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
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This have put together for some really astounding numbers into an attractive infographic encircling the topic on how obsessed we are with our cell phones. A decade ago, cell phone was an luxury tha...




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