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Are You Good at Following Flowcharts?

* START Did you actually start reading here? Yes. No, I started down here because it had a fun picture of a penguin eating pizza! Do you understand the basic rules of logic? Yes. No. You're not doing great so far. Are you good at following straight lines with your eye? Yes. Can you handle yes or no questions? No Do you speak English? Yes. Purple. Are you focused right now, or are you watching a video of a hedgehog taking Yes. Non. a bath in another tab? Are you going to look where this arrow tells you to look? I'm focused, though I will be googling that immediately after this. Si vous ne parlez pas anglais, votre voyage se termine ici. Vous êtes Eeeee, those little paws! probablement très bien avec des organigrammes étrangers, mais vous êtes de merde à ceux Yes. Nope, I'm gonna arbitrarily look two centimeters to the right! américains. Are you cheating and scrolling down to the bottom to make sure Aw, did you get lost? you get a certain result? .Maybe. I may have GLANCED No way. down there. I'm Are you good at handling only human. distractions? Yes. Go If you get a result you don't like, are you going to go back and switch your answers? Ooh, distractions? away. Do you get confused by repetition? No. I will live with the verdict, Yeah. Duh. No. however horrible. Fair Do you get confused by repetition? enough. No. Wait. Didn't you just ask that? YOU'RE SO BAD AT * CONGRATULATIONS! * FOLLOWING YOU'RE NOT A COMPLETE IDIOT! FLOWCHARTS, THERE'S NO WAY YOU'VE MADE IT FAR ENOUGH TO READ THIS. CollegelHumor

Are You Good at Following Flowcharts?

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