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App Hero vs. App Hero

App Hero Vs App Hero Despite what type of app game you love to play the most, it has an app hero. And that app hero maybe king of the hill in their app, but pitted against another app hero the tables may turn. Intrigued by the possibilities, we decided to put a few app heroes in a head-to-head battle against each other to see who would win. Each app hero is judged by four categories: Strength, Speed, Skill, and Smarts. Let the games begin! Strength: /!! Speed: 77 Skill: **** Smarts: Defen-G VS Strength: /! Speed: 77 Skill: *** Battleground Smarts: Battleground's cartoonish Evil King and his warriors are a sturdy gang to battle against. Their bows and arrows, knives, swords and such are threatening, but not half as powerful of the wall of terror that Defen-G's Units possess. Defen-G's heroes, or "Units" as they are called, are some of the most oddly compelling strategy characters we have ever seen. They're strange, dark humanoids, who stymie approaching monsters from taking over the Tree of Life. Despite their oddness, these heroes are tough, and they can upgrade and rejuvenate during battle which makes them one of the strongest and versatile strategy heroes on the market. They are also vertically stackable, so you can create a defensive/offensive wall against intruders. You can learn more about Defen-G Astro's awesome world here: Head to head with the Evil King and his minions of Battleground, Defen-G would win all the way. Available on the U App Store Strength: !!! Speed: 77 111 Skill: *** Smarts: Angry Birds VS Strength: Speed: 771 Skill: *** Doodle Jump Smarts: This one is a no-brainer, but both games are equally addictive for the short-term minded so we had to pit them against each other. Where Doodle Jump's hero is simply a sucker-faced alien that dies once it touches anything, the Angry Birds are probably the most ferocious, cutesy creatures in the app market. They would literally smash Doodle the Doodler into green bloody bits in a single move. Available on the U App Store Strength: !!!! Speed: 7717 Skill: ***★ Gun Bros Smarts: VS Strength: /! Speed: 7711 Skill: **** Smarts: Warmen Both of these games can be summed up by the War Ensemble lyric "The final swing is not a drill, it's how many people I can kill" from the righteous metal band, Slayer. Warmen and Gun Bros are rapid fire, steroid-induced, shoot-em-up madness where the hero must blast his way through a flood of enemies using an array of weapons. The main difference is that Warmen is serious first person shooter, whereas Gun Bros is a little more cartoonish, yet just as bloody and violent. Even though Gun Bros may lean towards the cartoon side, the fact that your hero, Percy Gun, always has a bullet blasting sidekick even in single player mode means that Percy can deliver 2X the firepower of Warmen's Marco. Hence Percy and Francis Gun would shower Marco in a storm of gunfire. Available on the J App Store Strength: !!!! Speed: 777 11 Skill: *** Smarts: Zombie Highway VS Strength: /!! Speed: 77Z Skill: *** Smarts: Zombieville USA 2 The "Survivor" of Zombieville USA 2 is a hardy little redneck that packs a punch with multiple weapons. He can take a hit too: When a gang of the undead munches on his face, Survivor just knocks them off with few bullets or swings from his billy club. But Zombie Highway has one zombie-killing aspect that is just as important as weaponry: Speed. Zombie Highway's supped up cars kill zombies in the easiest method possible, which is driving over them. Survivor may have vigor and spirit, but in the world of the undead, speed rules. Available on the J App Store !!!!! Strength: Speed: 77 11 Skill: Smarts: Jet Pack Joyride VS Strength: ! Speed: 777 Skill: ** Smarts: Rocket Riot Rocket Riot is pumped full of HD awesomeness and eye-boggling graphics, and a nasty pirate hero to boot. Blackbeard, the initial hero of RR, is a tough one to beat, even without legs he is fast, powerful, and survives like a cockroach in nuclear fallout. Though both John Barry of Jetpack Joyride and Blackbeard share the jetpack technology, John has one huge advantage - his jetpack is a vehicle and a weapon. I mean come on, his jetpack uses bullets for firepower, that's awesome! Available on the App Store Copyright 2011, All rights Reserved. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S an other countries

App Hero vs. App Hero

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Have you ever wondered who would win between the Angry Bird and Doodle Jump. Wonder no longer. final answers the life long questions of who would win between app heroes.


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