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8 Of Our Favourite Star Wars Gadgets

THE DISCOVERY STORE wWW.THEDISCOVERYSTORE.CO.UK 8 OF OUR FAVOURITE STAR WARS GADGETS (THAT AREN'T LIGHTSABERS!) 1. THERMAL DETONATOR Need to negotiate with an intergalactic crime lord? Look no further than the mighty thermal detonator - a deadly explosive device that can only be switched off by the user. First seen: Princess Leia uses one of these during the attempt to rescue Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hut in Episode VI. 2. HOLOGRAMS If you're desperate to enlist the help of a retired Jedi knight, a hologram might be just the ticket. Capable of projecting an image of the user across the galaxy, these devices are the perfect way to send personalised messages. First Seen: Luke Skywalker accidentally triggers R2- D2's hologram projector in Episode IV, starting his quest to rescue a certain damsel in distress. 3. BOWCASTER A favourite of our favourite furry friend, the bowcaster is the perfect choice when a regular blaster just won't do. It's incredibly powerful, and is capable of crippling even the most dangerous foes. First seen: Chewie is seen with his bowcaster from the get-go in Episode IV, but it doesn't really come into its own until Episode VII. 4. LANDSPEEDER Nipping to the corner shop? It'd be much more fun if you had one of these babies. Capable of covering immense distances in no time at all, these hovering vehicles are the transport of choice for most of Tatooine's upstanding citizens. First seen: Luke uses an X-34 landspeeder to hunt for R2-D2 after the mischievous droid escapes from the Lars moisture farm. 5. AQUATA BREATHER Since Jedi wouldn't be seen dead in scuba gear, these aquatic breathing devices are a must-have in the Star Wars universe. They'd probably come in handy on your next holiday to Benidorm too. First seen: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gonn Jinn are forced to use these after their first meeting with everyone's favourite Star Wars character. 6. DROIDS Need a job doing that you'd rather not do yourself? That's what droids were invented for, and we're frankly gutted that they're not already a thing. They're also quite handy with foreign languages, lethal laser blasters and occasional comic relief. First seen: C-3PO and R2-D2 are the first droids we see in Episode IV, as the Tantive IV comes under attack from an Imperial Star Destroyer. 7. HOLOCHESS (DEJARIK) Chess is all good and well, but we think it'd be much more fun if the standard playing pieces were replaced with all-manner of menacing monsters, mashing each other for control of the board. That's what Dejarik is, and we love it! First seen: C-3PO challenges Chewbacca to a game aboard the Millennium Falcon in Episode IV. 8. JETPACK Think segways are cool? Jetpacks are much cooler. Designed to facilitate short-ranged flight, these personal transportation devices are ideal if you're hunting intergalactic criminals, or attempting to reduce the amount of time you spend climbing stairs. First seen: Everyone's favourite bounty hunter sports one of these when we first see him in Episode V (or IV if you're watching the Special Edition), and it rather unfortunately contributes to his 'death' in Episode VI. THE DISCOVERY STORE wWW.THEDISCOVERYSTORE.CO.UK

8 Of Our Favourite Star Wars Gadgets

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8 Of Our Favourite Gadgets from Star Wars to celebrate #StarWarsDay, #MayThe4thBeWithYou -


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