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6 Stereotypical American Weddings

Stereotypical American Weddings REDNECK The Couple The Dinner Bride looks suspiciously like the groom's second cousin Groom dons a three-piece Everthing fried and Ketchup on every dish! suit with cut-off sleeves. The Party The Entourage Proud beer bellies every- where. Bobbing for pigs feet and shooting beer bottles. The Vow Wedding Favors Lines from Dolly Parton's I will Always Love You. Take home beers, Koozies and Toilet Paper. HIPSTERS The Couple The Dinner Groom looks like the guy from MGMT. Bride looks like the other guy from MGMT. Vegan, vegetarian, all organic, faux-poor. The Party The Entourage Haven't heard about each Everybody's feigning bored. other before the wedding. The Vow Wedding Favors "I'm with you in Rockland!" Non-prescription glasses. GAMERS The Couple The Dinner Proudly wears their uniform eye bags and game themed attire. Chips, burgers, buckets of Doritos and Mountain- Dew. F! The Party The Entourage No griefers allowed inside All RPG characters. The Vow Wedding Favors Starts and ends with Game console. "love is a game". SPORTS FAM The Couple The Dinner Bride and groom in matching track suits. Hotdog sandwich with mustard, and lotsa beer. 89 The Party The Entourage Guests huddle at the Wedding march is a competi- tive dash to the finish line. couple's living room to watch ESPN. The Vow Wedding Favors Bride wins. Monogrammed Jerseys. NON-CONFORMIST The Couple The Dinner Sober, definitely. Dessert comes first. The Entourage The Party Everyone gets to DJ. No one gets to dance. Friends from AA. The Vow Wedding Favors NC-17 due to explicit Zilch! Zero! Nada! content. GANGSTER The Couple The Dinner Bride is pregnant. Groom is afraid, very afraid. Main course: authentic Italian meat balls spaghetti. The Entourage The Party The cast of the Jersey Shore (paid by the boss) sans the Situation. Drive-by shootout at mid- night. Snooki gets shot. The Vow Wedding Favors Lifted lines from the God- Guns and cigars. father. Toll Free: 866-737-0754 BRilliaNce - Email: [email protected] You Tube #1

6 Stereotypical American Weddings

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Not everyone has a fairy tale wedding. Some can't, and others purposely don't. So, which kind of wedding are you planning?


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