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2012 End of the World Survival Guide

END OF THE WORLD SURVIVAL GUIDE with all the post-apocalyptic movies coming out, chances are you've thought about the end of the world at some point. Whether it comes about via zombies, plague, or nuclear war, COULD YOU SURVIVE THE END? With the tips here, you'll be set, not only to make it through an apocalypse, but anything else that might come your way! POSSIBLE 2012 END OF WORLD SCENARIOS INCLUDE: MAYAN END OF THE WORLD The Mayan December 21, 2012, calendar ends on which some feel indicates the world will end that day. [1] POLAR SHIFT The Earth flips its poles every so often, and *** some think that we're due for a switch. [1] The pole reversal could cause Our poles reverse polarity about every 250,000 years. Last flip = volcanoes, tsunamis, and other disasters. 1 780,000 years ago. (2)] NUCLEAR WAR There are more than This is often the number one theory in the U.S. as to how the world will end. [3] 20,000 C nuclear warheads in the world. [3] BIOLOGICAL DISASTER Plagues have a historical reputation of wiping out civilizations, and bioweapons do exist. [3] It's possible for any viral or bacterial infection to spread across the entire world within a couple of days. [3] QUARANTINE QUARANTINE QUARANTI UARANTINE O QUARANTINE E QUARANTINE O QUARANTINE O QUARANTINE O QUARANTI ZOMBIE VIRUS OUTBREAK The world has had several ICE AGE ice ages before. [3] Is it just the stuff of science fiction or could a cannibalistic virus take us all down? Despite technology, if an ice age approached too quickly, many areas would be destroyed. [3] 20% of people believe aliens already live amongst us. ALIEN WAR Are aliens planning an Earth takeover? WILL MONEY $ MATTER? Keeping cash on hand won't matter if no one will accept it, so what should you know about currency in times of major upheaval? Over the years, more money has been printed than there is gold to back it. [5] Some feel that the U.S. will run out of gold for the December 21, 2012, predicted end of the world, in which case, money will merely be bits of pretty paper. [5] Natural disasters can have a major impact on the economy. [6] If a worldwide series of disasters were to occur, there would be A No funds to aid countries suffering. [6] Repairs would be nonexistent in many areas. [6] Natural disasters tend to devalue a country's currency. [7] On a global scale, this would be extreme, to the point of money not being worth much at all. [7] fluctuate drastically War can cause currencies to • in the countries involved. [7). Money may be worth nothing one day and worth much more the next. [7] In any disaster that covers the nation, inflation is the first change, with goods and services becoming very expensive. [6] BOTTOM LINE Money may be useful for a while in an extreme end-of- the-world situation, but will rapidly lose its value. Make sure you have other things to trade! TRADING SKILLS AND GOODS What will be most useful when the Skills eventually run out of things like chocolate and cigarettes. world ends? are always a better choice than goods, since you'll TRADE GOODS · Food · Fuel · Seeds - Water • Medical Supplies [8] SKILLS · Hunting • First Aid · Natural Medicine [8] · Mechanics · Farming Your home is your fortress, so this is probably where you'll hole up if things get bad, be it due to zombies or an alien invasion. You should have at least three days' worth of food and water on hand in case of a smaller emergency, but if you want to be prepared for the long haul, keep adding to your stockpile to ensure you have enough. WATER FIRST AID Keep purification tablets Get a large and filters on hand. [9] | first aid kit. [9] Store 1 gallon of water per person, per day. [9] FOOD Nonperishable food and food that doesn't need to be cooked, such as: - Multivitamins SPAM Pet food for your furry friends [9] - Granola bars Canned vegetables • Tuna Oatmeal Dehydrated fruits -SPAM CLOTHING Goggles for eye protection · Extra durable shoes and boots :: Dust mask or gas mask Keep extra warm and cold clothes on hand in an easy-to-reach place · Protective gloves · Solar blanket [9] TOOLS Chainsaw • Axe · Utility knife Long nails, 2x4s, and hammer to board up doors/windows Shovel knife sharpener [9] Matches and lighters · Candles and solar- or hand- crank-powered flashlights • Can opener OTHER SUPPLIES • Sanitation supplies Hand crank-powered transistor radios to listen to news updates Basic cooking equipment Books and board games to occupy the kids [9] · Propane tanks Copies of all important documents, such as birth certificates and passports · List of phone numbers or contact info for family and friends [9] MONEY AND DOCUMENTS · Keep some cash on hand WEAPONS 4 BEST WEAPONS AGAINST ZOMBIES · Rifle or shotgun (against humans and animals) 2. Baseball bat · Lots of 3. Double-edged sword or machete (10] ammunition 4. Guns with silencers ALTERNATIVE SHELTER Your home won't be safe in many situations. A zombie infestation means relocating to the roof or trying to barricade all those windows you thought were a good idea, and no one will make it in a nuclear fallout! Your best option? The roof of the shelter should be at least 3 feet underground. A FALLOUT SHELTER Buy ready-made to be prepared fast, for around $80,000. • [11] BUILD YOUR OWN Should have a shower so you can clean yourself of potential toxins. [1] 2 Must be safely ventilated. [11 Should be hidden so others do not know you're down there. [11] Should have at least two entry/exit points. [11] IS YOUR CAR Your vehicle will be your primary means of transport if you evacuate, so it can be helpful to have everything you need for the family for 72 hours in the car. READY? This can also be useful if you are caught in an apocalypse situation while away from home. Keep your car topped off with gas, as well, so you can leave in a hurry, without worrying about lines at gas stations. Include basics from the lists above, including Blankets or sleeping bags [12] • Water - Clothing · Food CAR ESSENTIALS • Jumper cables Extra gas, stored safely Spare tires and tire repair kits [12)] Flares BEST VEHICLES FOR POST-APOCALYPTIC GETAWAYS You want a fuel-efficient car since gas will be tough to get, but also one that can handle some off-roading if you need to get around traffic jams and zombie hordes. TOP PICKS 2010 JEEP PATRIOT 2010 SUBARU OUTBACK - 25 mpg combined [13] - 22 mpg combined [13] 2010 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA - 24 mpg combined [13] No one really wants to suffer a disaster, much less the end of the world, but at least this way, you'lIl be prepared! SOURCES [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] (7] [8] [9] [10] projectile-weapons-for-zombie-defense/ [11] [12] [13] cars-and-suvs-with-off-road-capability-107087/

2012 End of the World Survival Guide

shared by Rsammy on Jan 17
With all the post-apocalyptic movies coming out, chances are, you’ve thought about the end of the world at some point. Whether it comes about via zombies, plague or nuclear war, could you survive the End?


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