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2010 World News Headlines

Proudly brought to you by Quickbeds – Cheap Hotels & Lost Minute Accommodation 2010 WORLD NEWS HEADLINES I AM VERY WACKY WEIRD WACKY HOTEL NEWS (MARKED IN YELLOW) SHE'S GONNA BLOW Eyjafjöll, Iceland - volcano erupts disrupting European flights for more than 6 days. Eruptions continued over the months causing additional travel interruptions, and were declared officially over in October. WE COME IN PEACE 2 13 September 14 I'A HEAPS RADI MMM GOURMET BASS Chicago, IL, USA - Oprah announces that she will be Space - The International Space Station takes the record for the longest continuous human occupation of space - inhabited for 10 years. 29 Septee filming for the first time overseas and is taking 300 of her ultimate viewers with her. The two shows will be filmed on the steps of the Sydney Opera House 14 December. 27 Orbital Technologies and Rocket & Space Corporation Energia in Moscow announce they plan to build the world's first commercial hotel September A 5-star luxury hotel opens in Hertfordshire June boasting a private exercise area and COWABUNGAI Teen pop icon, Justin Bieber, earns the top spot as the most viewed YouTube video of all time with 245,746,720 views (and counting). October 12-28 outer space. Owner of Segway Corporation dies after driving his Segway off a dif in North Yorkshire UK. PEACE OUT MAN specially daily banquet exclusively to cats! Human rights activist Liu Xiaobo; is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize" whilst serving his 4th prison sentence in Beijing. The Winter Olympic Games take place in Vancouver. The Pantone Hotel, dedicated to the experience of colour, opens in Brussels. Its 59 rooms are inspired by colourful, design-driven • philosophy of the Pantone Universe. 20 13 29 Three time world surf champion, Andrew Irons, dies in his hotel room in Dallas, Texas ot the age of 32. 3 The Corona Save the Beach hotel in Rome, Italy is made from 12,000kg of debris. It 6.9 magnitude earthquake Qinghai, China. 24 Monsoons in Gulf of Mexico - The Deepwater Horizon oil platform explodes killing 11 workers. The resulting oil spill was the worst in history spreading over 12 weeks before being officially sealed on 19 September. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan causes widespread flooding. As hotel vacancies filled up for the Korea Grand Prix in Yeongam, race teams and journalists were forced to stay in converted love hotels for the big event that took place. 20 includes 5 rooms and a April reception area lined with rubbish, is part of an environmental campaign and has hosted celebrities DUDEI like Helena Christensen. WOW, THAT'S QUITE TALL After a tumultuous 1.2 mognitude earthquake in Baja California, Mexico Surfing legend Kelly Slater, at the age of 38, takes home his 10th world title in Puerto Rico. lead up, the 2010 Commonwealth Games kick off in Delhi. 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Ryukyu, Japan. WE'RE OUTRAGEDI 26 1.0 magnitude earthquake in Port au Prince, Haiti Dubai - the Burj Khalifa, standing 828 metres tall to the spire, opens its doors to officially become the world's tallest November Political unrest turns ugly with protests erupting on the streets of Bangkok in March 2010. The leader of the Red Shirts os they were known, called for a ceasefire after severe fatalities amongst 17 the demonstrators. 3 man-made structure, surpassing Taipei 101 by over 300 metres. October 12 January 23 May 4 1.7 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra. A hotel waiter sues the luxury 5 star Ritz Carlton Florida and British family after the hotel complied with the request of the British couple not to be served by "people of colour". January 13 25 The world's most expensive casino and hotel, Marina Bay Sands, opens in Singapore. It has the world's longest elevated pool set 55 storeys high with a "vanishing edge". 1.5 magnitude earthquake in Port Vila, Vanuatu. GO00000AAALLI WOO HOO HELP US Australian dollar reaches South Africa - The 19th World Cup kicks off to the continuous drone of vuvuzelas on 11 June. Spain is crowned the winner against the Netherlands on 11 July. parity with US dollar. Copiapo, Chile - The collapse of a mine in Northern Chile traps 33 Chilean miners 700m underground on 5 August. All miraculously survived their 69 day ordeal before being brought to the surface in an epic rescue effort. 15 YOU CAN CALL ME MAYBE October 11-11 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Maule Region, Chile. 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand. 27 13 October

2010 World News Headlines

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Headline making news can often be random, odd, and unexpected tidbits. This infographic features wacky and weird 2010 news headlines from all around the world and highlights wacky hotel news in yello...




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