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15 Housemates Personality Types we've all encountered

HOUSEMATE 15 PERSONALITY TYPES WE'VE ALL ENCOUNTERED We've all lived with one of these types of people, which ones have you lived with?! Or maybe you're one yourself?! 1. The Drama Llama! The drama llama lives and thrives off of drama, yet claims to have an extreme dislike for it. Their arrival guarantees even the most mundane situations quickly become hugely dramatic for absolutely no reason, and they will always try to drag you into it. 2. The Neat Freak. This type of person initially seems like a blessing, keeping the place clean and tidy. Their obsessive compulsion to keep everything in its place can soon become overbearing, with the smallest amount of mess becoming a huge issue. Beware the day you accidentally leave a fork in with the spoons... A FORK IS NOT A KNIFE! 13 3. The Bad Smell Even with their bedroom door shut, the smell seems to carry down the hallway and into your nose. Ever since school there has always been the stinky kid; now the smell has matured into something that can't be described by words alone! 4. The Borderline Alcoholic This person needs no excuses to have a drink, but they'll try to find one at every opportunity. "It's my cat's birthday, let's celebrate!" HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILK PUSSYKINS Iou 5. The Borrower Money. Shampoo. Clothes. Food. They take it all with the guarantee that they'll repay the debt as soon as they can afford it. Seeing as their job appears to be professional liar, you probably shouldn't hold your breath. 6. The Phantom The only reason you know they exist is because there's an extra toothbrush in the bathroom. You never see them. You never hear them. They stay in their all day and all night. 7. The Night Owl Just as you're thinking about going to bed they're thinking about what to have for dinner. The low hum of the living room TV only stops at around 3 a.m, and they'll be sitting on their laptop for hours after that. 8. The Prankster This person uses the word 'banter' without even a hint of irony, and considers freshers' week as the best week of their life. If you don't have one already, get a lock for your door. 9. The Needy One This person feels the need to offload every single issue to you, and is virtually incapable of entertaining themselves. Don't expect to get any alone time with this person around; they are always watching. Waiting. Ready. Are you in ? I see a light on you must be in? ZZZZZ 125 new messages 10. The Lazy One They never wash up. They never clean. They never hoover. They're ungrateful and they let someone else organize the bills. They feel the world owes them a favour, and attempts to motivate this person can are generally fruitless. This person is way beyond help. 11. The Superstar DJ If they're in their room, the music is on, and it's not quiet. It's a wonder they haven't developed tinnitus, though that might explain why they constantly ignore your screams. 12. The Food Thief Stealing food is completely acceptable to this person, even though stealing anything else would clearly be wrong. Food costs money.. YOUR money. You'll never be able to plan meals with this person around. Come home from a long day and want that pizza you had in the freezer? too late, the food thief got there first! This person will either make a joke out of 'nicking a cookie' or will completely deny doing it. 13. The Couple The phrase 'get a room' couldn't be more appropriate here. Their constant state of 'snuggling' can cause you to forget that only one of them technically lives with you, and they will expect you to still pay half for the bills regardless of the fact that an extra person is adding to them. They may offer to cook for you to keep the peace, but unless ingredients for stir fry cost their share of the rent, you're not getting a fair deal. YOUR SHOES DO NOT LIVE IN THE HALLWAY! PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN! WASH UP 14. The Note Maker Did you accidentally forget to use a coaster? or something else equally petty? Never fear, this housemate will leave you a handy note reminding you that your behaviour is unacceptable; the passive aggressive and sarcastic tone will certainly help you to remember for next time, and you'd better be grateful for it! If you aren't you'll get another note... KINGMARKER BFF 15. The 'New Best Friend' This person takes sharing a living space and an open invitation to do everything together! They seem nice at first, but watch out for arguments when you 'forget' to invite them along to every place you go, or when you spend time with your actual friends. terrysfabrics Transform your home for less" ハン

15 Housemates Personality Types we've all encountered

shared by Wildish on Nov 06
We've all lived with these types of people, which ones have you lived with?! or maybe your one your self! 15 Housemates Personality Types we've all encountered!


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