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10 Ways to Make Your Infographic Totally Awesome

10 ways to make your infographic TOTALLY AWESOME More Less is more Don't shy away from colours! Make your infographic really bright and colourful, it's sure to get noticed. WHAT A GREAT COLOUR This is a colour wheel COMBINATION! Try using as many of these colours in one design as you can. Use as many fonts as possible Why PICK one when you can have all of them! And when in doubt, always remember: Comic Sans makes boring information fun! 3 Tell, don't show Don't worry about having to make every little bit of data into a nice looking chart or graph. Sometimes words are able to communicate your information so much better than visualisation can. In cases like this, don't be afraid to simply write down what you're trying to say. Nice big blocks of text will give the reader something to really get stuck into, everybody loves reading, right?! Anyway, you want your audience to spend a lot of time looking at your infographic and if you have lots of text then they'tt have to read it alt which witt keep them tooking at it for longer! Another reason not to avoid putting loads of text in your infographic is that you want to show off all of the cool fonts that you picked to put on the page! You've spent all of that time choosing the perfect 7 fonts that will make your infographic look exciting and fun, so now you can type all of your points out and make sure that everyone can see how much thought you put into selecting them! "congratulations if you can read this Don't make it too easy! Put some of the important info in really small so the readers have to work for it! Copy and paste There's nothing wrong with using simple charts Excel will create them for you in seconds! 25 20 15 10 The old ones are the best No need for anything too fancy, this gets your data across very easily. 4 ACopyright is for losers Watermark? What watermark! One quick search and you've got all the images that you need, minimal effort required. Google Google images is your friend some random, vaguely related images 6 No need to check facts If it's on the internet, it's probably true It's easy to find quotes to back up your information. 66 99 Infographics are really cool! If Jesus said it, it must be true! - Jesus Christ You can stretch the truth If you can't find any statistics to back up your points... ..then just make them up! It's not like anyone witl know. 0.5% WOW! 0.4% 0.3% And gloss over any negative points They'll never notice these 0.2% 0.1% numbers down the side! 2000 2006 2012 Style over substance It doesn't actually matter what your infographic is about As long as it looks nice, people won't care what point you're trying to make. Don't look at the graphs Look at this pretty frame instead! Don't bother proofreadig Nobody will notice A few mistakes here and there won't make any difference. infografic's are grate! Originality is overrated Good artists copy, great artists steal Just pinch things from other infographics, it saves so much time! Sources? VWhat sources? No need to credit other people's work! and if you're stuck. ...just make one big list. And chuck some images in there too. Sources: The internet Produced, in jest, by: NEO MAMMALIAN STUDIOS CC BY NC SA ideas

10 Ways to Make Your Infographic Totally Awesome

shared by carlsummersnms on Sep 12
Our sarcastic tribute to those infographic designers who insist on doing it wrong…repeatedly and unashamedly.




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