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10 Wacky Wedding Characters

The BaseKit Guide to Navigating Weddings 10 Wacky Wedding Characters The You are quite happy avoiding the dance circle and you have a fear of singing in public. You are content simply nursing a drink and observing. Spectating is what you do. Unfortunately, the overzealous aunt has other plans for you. Besides constantly questioning you about why are you not smiling, she will be the first to pull you into a conga line and put the spotlight on your awkward self. overzealous Aunt You thought he was just making friendly dinner table talk when he praised the steak frites. Little did you know that one seemingly innocent comment was going to bloom into the most difficult conversation that you have ever tried to leave. Pauses in conversation are punctuated by additional questions and an onslaught of new information. Yes, you have been cornered. Prepare an exit plan in advance. The new best friend He does not utter a word to anybody but he is always lurking with his trusty digital camera. Think of every single moment that you don't want recorded at the wedding reception and you can be sure that he will capture it. Despite nobody knowing who he actually is, he will be taking photographs at every possible untimely moment. You better believe it, he will .p The unofficial there. Pictures of you will surface over the following weeks on photographer Facebook tagged by a name that you do not recognise who has a Yin Yang symbol as their profile picture. He is friends with the groom. He might even be the best man. He enjoys nothing more than recalling stories of the glory days. His stories are laced with profanities and embellishments. His university days would make Van Wilder blush. His stories of misspent youth only pause temporarily when his wife asks him to check on the babysitter. You sit through each story wondering what happened to this guy and if you are doomed for the same destiny. The story teller Feeling merry and optimistic? Well a conversation with this self satisfied couple will surely bring you crashing back down to earth. Just five minutes talking to Mr and Mrs smug couple is enough time to leave you feeling bad about yourself. They are the couple that had everything figured out at 11 years old. Questions from the couple will include your lack of stable job, moving back into your parents' house and why you are not in a relationship. The smug couple The young at heart dude Equipped with a cheap bag of hash and a hip flask of gin, he will be impressing teenage guests with his knowledge of esoteric indie bands and his 'liberal 'attitude to life. Thanks to the Internet, the young at heart dude is younger than ever. He will spend his evening showing you apps on his iPhone and maybe some pictures that you wish you had never seen. Living proof that public displays of affection are not contagious. Any preconceived notions that you might have of romance and finding the one will diminish after witnessing this couple in action. If you are sharing a table with his couple, expect periods of shouting followed by uncomfortable silence. The silence will be intermittently broken with underhand scathing comments every time a new course is brought out. The arguing couple The predatory singleton The predatory singleton does not believe in leaving a wedding reception empty handed. Most often spotted lurking around the buffet table or outside the toilets. A successful night for the predatory singleton often results in an excruciating morning headache and a wild story that eventually becomes folklore amongst close friends. The creepy uncle The creepy uncle loves to leer and he is a master at making you feel uncomfortable with his comments on how you have 'matured.' For the creepy uncle, every interaction is an opportunity for an overly long hug accompanied with some inappropriate groping. The floor The floor dancing child is a reminder to every guest at the wedding that they too were once young and care free. Popular dance moves include sliding on knees or taking off shoes and sliding around on white socks. dancing child BK basekit

10 Wacky Wedding Characters

shared by basekit on May 31
For anyone that has been to a wedding, you'll already have familiarised yourself with the various characters that attend.


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