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10 Hilarious Tradesman Pranks to Pull on the Job

TOP 10 TRADESMEN PRANKS (AND HOW TO DODGE THEM!) THE PRANK THE CEMENT #1 STRONGMAN 2319H "Can you lift a bag of cement above your head ten times?" If someone is foolish enough to take this challenge on, another person will sneak up as they lift it above their head and cut the cement bag with a knife so that the powder empties all over the 'strongman'. THE DODGE Save the weightlifting for the gym. THE PRANK #2THE FAKE #ZSHOPPING LIST X Tartan paint A Spirit level bubbles | A long weight A A glass hammer A A lefthanded screwdriver | 6ft of fallopian tubing | A short circuit A Elbow grease THE DODGE Get to the cafe. Have a cuppa. Joke's on them. THE PRANK #3THE 'DAVE' GAME Messaging Dave Never leave your Hey dude, me and the... phone unattended. When you come Dave I know. You were in a... back, you may find that all of your Dave, Dave & Dave Sorry I'm not gonna get... contacts are called Dave Dave. Or, two very Hangin mate. Too many... important names in your phonebook may have been swapped without you realising it. Dave It must be friday, shall... Dave & Dave Sold out this year, but... Dave No probs. See you later.. Dave THE DODGE Make full use of your passcodes, people! THE PRANK #405 THE 'BOOKIE GAMBLECO. YOUR BETTINGS RACE 1 ASCOT 14:30 20. 3/1 HOOF HEARTED Ask if someone can 20 nip to the bookies and place a bet for you. TOTAL STA Please re You will you The 2.30 at Ascot, 'Hoof Hearted', looks a dead cert – he runs like the 'wind'! THE DODGE "Trump' your colleagues by reading the tip aloud; never trust them, especially if you're an apprentice! THE PRANK #5 ORDER THE FOOD "I'm going to get food, do you want anything?" Leg of Salmon Diet Seedless Water Strawberries 000000000 000000000 THE DODGE Bring your own packed lunch. THE PRANK MUSTARD #6DONUTS #3608 Get a bottle of mustard – you can choose a different ingredient if you wish, as long as the bottle has a pointed tip – and a pack of plain donuts. Stick the tip of the bottle into the donut and squirt mustard inside – then offer your workmates one; pretend they're custard! 0000OO 00000O 00000 THE DODGE Be wary if anyone is giving away free food. THE PRANK THE DIRTY #/ WHITE VAN Here are some of the best... ALSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE IWISH MY WIFE WAS THIS DIRTY! CLEAN ME! MY NAME IS BARRY. HONK AND HOLLER CENSORED MY NAME THE DODGE Wash your filthy car, you absolute disgrace. THE PRANK #3815 #8BLOCKADE THE Be careful when you're going to the toilet on site! If you're using a dreaded portaloo. Listen carefully at all times; your workmates may park the car up against the door or tie a rope around it to lock you in! THE DODGE Be quick or be damned. THE PRANK #9THE ROCK If you want to listen to the radio at work, always check the volume before you turn it on! You may get a fright if a sneaky so-and-so has changed it to the rock station and MAX cranked it up to eleven! THE DODGE Learn to whistle. THE PRANK #10 A BREW?" THE "FANCY Every time you make a specific workmate a hot drink, gradually put more and more cold water KEEP CALM into it each time. Play the long AND game and their confusion will CARRY TOOLS be worth it! THE DODGE Always. Make. The. Tea. Brought to you by: CLIMA DOOR

10 Hilarious Tradesman Pranks to Pull on the Job

shared by RFox91 on Feb 29
Jokes on the job are standard procedure for tradesmen during a hard day’s graft. We’ve rounded up some of the funniest safe-for-work pranks there are, so whether you’re an experienced tradesman ...




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