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10 Funny False Friends in German

10 FUNNY FALSE FRIENDS in German These words mean the exact opposite of what you would imagine! What you think it means What it VS. actually means bald Someone with no hair soon Er hat eine Glatze. He's bald das Gift A nice present poison das Geschenk gift or present der Kot A baby's bed feces ш das Gitterbett cot der Mist A type of weather manure das Dunst mist die Nutte As in macadamia prostitute die Nuss nut der Pickel A gherkin spot or pimple die Essiggurke pickle der Rat A type of rodent advice or council die Ratte rat der Roman Someone from Rome novel der Romer Roman der Slip A falling down knickers Warning Wet floor der Fehltritt slip der Spot A face crater advert der Pickel spot take1 transcription Source: eX

10 Funny False Friends in German

shared by jt14972 on Aug 05
You'd think the German word 'Gift' would simply mean 'a present' wouldn't you? Well you're very wrong there!


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