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10 Funniest Excuses to Bunk Work

10 FUNNIEST EXCUSES TO BUNK WORK EXCUSE #1 T HAD TO GO FOR MORAL SUPPORT TO MY "DISTANT" RELATIVES 23: He said, "My sister - in - law's friend's daughter's dad's dad has had a heart stroke, and so I need to be there to offer moral support to the family", and the boss is still trying to figure out who is really unwell here and how are they related to the employee. EXCUSE #2 DON'T GO OUTSIDE, MY FORTUNE TELLER TOLD ME We just couldn't hold back our laughter when we heard an employee say that he couldn't come to work today as his fortune teller had asked him not to step out of the house or he would suffer a brain hemorrhage. EXCUSE #3 MY TROUSER SPLIT & TORE, ON MY WAY TO WORK When your trouser does a split and tears off due to its inability to stretch gracefully, especially when you are on way to work is disastrous. Well, one employee refused to come to work because that very disaster struck him. EXCUSE #4 I AM A FISH LOVER & IT WAS UNWELL YESTERDAY A man was actually refused to come to work because his FISH was unwell. It really brought tears to our eyes, seeing the unblemished pure love between the fish and his master. EXCUSE #5 LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR & HER DOGS & PUPPIES This employee who told his boss that he is sorry for not being able to come to work, because his neighbour's dog had had five puppies and he desperately needs him to take care of two of them. EXCUSE #6 I WAS DRUNK BADLY LAST NIGHT & WAS SUFFERING FROM HANGOVER We all tend to get a little drunk once in a while and then say and do some really stupid things. This employee tries to make his boss happy by saying that he is so lucky because he often times enjoys late night parties because of he is working for his organization. EXCUSE #7 BY MISTAKE I LOCKED MY SELF IN MY OWN HOUSE An employee told his boss that he locked himself inside his house by mistake and his house does not have any windows so he is unable to come out, because of which, he would request him to give him a day off. EXCUSE #8 MY MOM MADE MY FAVOURITE DISHES AND I ATE TOO MUCH One such mother allegedly stuffed his son with so much breakfast that he couldn't even move anymore, leave alone come to work. Maybe the mother was practicing for thanksgiving. Designed by: JOB CLUSTER always connectedE Content Idea Sources: Yahoo, CareerBuilder, HuffingtonPost, ItiTimes Piktochart Hi make information beautiful

10 Funniest Excuses to Bunk Work

shared by JobCluster on Oct 08
Here are some examples of employee's ridiculously funny excuses to bunk work. However, some of us go an extra mile to make sure our reasons for requesting a day off are as ‘sincere’ and ‘importa...






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