10 Customers Every Server Will Recognize

10 CUSTOMERS Euery Server WILL RECOGNIZE Everyone who has worked as a server at a restaurant knows that the customers you get assigned to serve can make or break a shift. From the needy, to the reckless, you're sure to have a good story to tell your co-workers afterwards. Here are 10 of the most infamous customers you're sure to recognize. This burger is so bae... Phone clip on belt MR. DAD This patron insists on inserting at least one pun or incorrect use of slang into every sentence. Embarassed kids • Cargo pants Is your chicken cage-free? ORGANIC ONLY Asked if you ..- have a bike rack This patron is a treehugger and appears to be ready for a hike more than going ----------• Athletic shorts Chaco • out to eat. sandals 2. CHO There's too much ice in my water. Overdramatically unsatisfied with STIFF TIPPER everything From the second this patron is seated in your section, they'll claim you messed up their order, ask to talk to Eye rolling Arrogant attitude your manager and expect something comped. Can you split the bill 9-ways? HIGH SCHOOLERS FROM HELL These patrons come in with three people, move their table twice to accommodate nine and don't know how to tip. Constantly texting •...... Combat boots ... .......... Leggings 4 OK, I think I'm ready to order Lots of sweating Fast breathing INDECISIVE TERRY No eye contact This customer always wants to be the last to order and changes their mind five times. Can you make this without salt? Lots of muscles #FITFAM TUNA These health nuts are ready to play 20 questions about the substitutes you can offer and would have Fitbit bracelet had better luck going to a juice bar. Gym i clothing Do you have a gluten free menu? Fake nails GLUTEN FREE Stylish clothing This patron knows all of the latest trends, including other people's food allergies. Designer handbag Aloof parents . OBNOXIOUS CHILD I don't want that! This patron is rarely above four feet and there is a 99% chance they will order chicken nuggets or mac and cheese. ...... Loud screaming 8. Food on ...... the ground Can we get the check please? Likely eating a salad FIRST DATE Forced smile If it's awkward approaching the table, just imagine how they must feel. Stiff posture 9. Birthday crown BIRTHDAY GIRL DO I get free dessert? This patron is ready to celebrate and brought their posse to make sure it's a good time. Tight dress 10 Surrounded by "woo" girls Brought to you by: WorkPulse"

10 Customers Every Server Will Recognize

shared by wheniwork on Mar 08
Servers see a lot of memorable personalities on a daily basis. Here are 10 familiar customers servers are sure to recognize.


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