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10 BRILLIANTLY BRITISH STEREOTYPES DEBUNKED JUST LIKE ANY OTHER NATION, GREAT BRITAIN HAS EARNED ITSELF A NUMBER OF STEREOTYPES OVER THE YEARS. SOME AMUSING, OTHERS EMBARRASSING, BUT NEARLY ALL OF WHICH ARE COMPLETELY UNTRUE. THE MYTH #1 DEBUNKED WE ARE THE BIGGEST TEA DRINKERS IN THE WORLD Average annual tea consumption per person TURKEY 6.961 POUNDS IRELAND 4.831 POUNDS The British Empire may well have been built on cups of tea, but when it comes to our favourite beverage, we aren't top of the world's drinking charts. This title belongs to Turkey. UK 4.281 POUNDS THẺ MYTH #2 WE ALL OWN BRITISH BULLDOGS DEBUNKED Kennel Club rogi strations 2013 The Great British bulldog, an animal that sums up our resilience and stiff upper lip. However, the British bulldog doesn't even make it into our top 20 most popular breeds. Even more depressingly, French bulldogs received a thousand more registrations than British bulldogs in 2013 too. ENGLISH BULLDOG FRENCH BULLDOG 5,990 6,990 THE MΥΤΗ #3 DEBUNKED WE ALL OWN A MINI OR A LAND ROVER Britain's top selling cars of all time (units sold) IST - FORD FIESTA 4,132,294 4TH - FORD CORTINA 2,589,351 Having sold over 5 million units worldwide, the original Mini was the most popular British car of all time on a global scalo. But in a list of our own ten best selling cars since 1965, this much-loved motor could only achieve ninth place! TH - ROVER GROUP MINI 1,501,87 THE MYTH #4 DEBUNKED WE ARE A NATION OF FISH AND CHIP LOVERS Britain's favourite comfort food IST TRADITIONAL ROAST DINNER 2ND STEAK AND CHIPS British cuisine might get ridiculed by other countries around the world, but you can't deny how mouth- wateringly delicious a portion of fish and chips is.or maybe you can. Fish and chips didn't even make the top 10 of Britain's favourite comfort foods in 2014 and has also been overtaken by Indian and Chinese food in a survey of Britain's favourite takeaways. 3RD SCONES WITH JAM AND CLOTTED CREAM THE MYTH #5 DEBUNKED WE HAVE THE BEST UNIVERSITIES HE IN THE WORLD World's most prestigious universities IST - HARVARD UNITED STATES 2ND - CAMBRIDCE UNITED KINGDOM Oxford and Cambridge, two of the world's most prestigious and distinguished universities, have boen beaten to the Education World University Rankings 2015. Overall, the US has the best reputation in the world with 8 universities featurod in the top 10. top spot by Harvard in the Times Higher 3RD - OXFORD UNITED KINGDOM THE MYTH #6 DEBUNKED WE ARE THE CLEVEREST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD Top 5 cleverest nations IST - HONG KONG 2ND - JAPAN There isn't much solid evidence to support or debunk this claim, but a study by IQ and the Wealth of Nations found that poople from Hong Kong are the most intelligent in the world. The research used an 1Q score of 100 in Britain as a benchmark for making comparisons, which is small consolation at least. And before you start asking questions, yes, cleverest is a real word. 3RD- ITALY 4 TH - CHINA/UK STH - UNITED STATES THE MYTH #7 DEBUNKED WE ARE THE BIGGEST BINGE DRINKERS IN THE WORLD Porcentago of the population having had at least 6 units of alcohol in one sitting D AUSTRIA 40.5% When we are not drinking tea, we are down the local pub having a skinful, or so many people believe. In fact, we can proudly prove we are not the biggest binge drinkers in the world, as the UK ranked 13th for heavy alcoholic consumption in a study of 196 countries. IRELAND 39% UK 28% THE MYTH #8 DEBUNKED? Jury's still out! WE ARE THE POSHEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD Most attractive accents IST - UK 2ND - UNITED STATES By the looks of it, thero hasn't been any studies or research into how posh the Great British public are. Having said that, the Time Out Global Dating Survey revealed that the British accent is the most attractive in the world according to a poll of 11,000 people in 24 cities around the world. Best of all, we beat the French! Jolly good! 3RD - IRELAND 4TH - AUSTRALIA STH - FRANCE THE MYTH #9 WE ALL LOVE CRICKET DEBUNKED 5 countries obsessed with cricket INDIA It is fair to say the days of watching cricket at the local village groon followed by cucumber sandwichos for tea are well and truly over. This idyllic scene may never have happened anyway, but football now takes centre stage in terms of sport, with around 5.4 million viewers watching last year's FA Cup final. But who does love cricket the most? That's easy, as a billion people worldwide watched India's match against Paki- stan at the recent World Cup. PAKISTAN BANGLADESH SRI LANKA AFGHANISTAN Jury's still out! THE MYTH #10 DEBUNKED? WE ARE GREAT AT TENNIS Quantity of food consumed at Wimbledon 230,000 GLASSES OF PIMMS The modern game originated in Birmingham and Wimbledon is considered the oldest and most I12,000 prestigious tennis tournament in the world. But as we all know, home-grown success has not exactly been plentiful over the past few decades. No British man won the singles event between Frod Perry in 1936 and Andy Murray in 2013. We should probably stick to what we are good at – eating strawberries and cream accompanied with a glass of Pimms. PUNNETS OF ENGLISIH STRAWBERRIES 1,000 LITRES OF CREAM BRILLIANTLY BRITISH C .. Sources: qzcom ·• • • dalymail.couk telegraph.cauk - - • •


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