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Your human rights

ARTICLE OF THE EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS NO ONE SHALL BE HELD IN SLAVERY OR SERVITUDE WHAT DOES THE RIGHT SAY? “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude. No one shall be required b. any service of a military character or, in the case of conscientious objectors in countries where they are recognized, service exacted instead of compulsory military service; to perform forced or compulsory labour. For the purposes of this Article the term “forced or compulsory labour" shall not include; a. any work required to be done in the ordinary course of detention imposed according to the provisions of Article 5 of this Convention or during conditional release from such detention; C. any service exacted in case of an emergency or calamity threatening the life or well being of the community; d. any work or service which forms part of normal civic obligations." WHAT DOES IT MEAN IN PLAIN ENGLISH? WHERE DOES IT THREE ΚEY ΤΗINGS COME FROM? THAT IT DOES FOR US The 1772 Somerset judgment decided English law didn't support slave ownership. We can't be enslaved or made to work against our will. Landmark Court cases: 2011 The right is "absolute", so enslaving someone is never legal. Suspicions of human trafficking must be investigated properly - 000 v Met, UK Slave trading was outlawed in 1807. Nigerian women were forced to work Slavery and forced labour must be illegal. in London without pay or breaks. The In 1885 Europe committed to ending African slavery. police did nothing despite complaints. In 2015, because of a human rights judgment, slavery and forced labour were outlawed Suspected slavery and forced labour must be fully investigated. The failings breached the women's human rights. 2012 Labour and human trafficking must in the UK. Not all “forced" work is illegal - it's legal to force someone to work in prison or do military be made illegal - C.N. v UK, Europe A Ugandan woman was forced to work without breaks or time off. The service. UK was criticised for not outlawing forced labour and domestic slavery. The law was changed. WHY IS IT NEEDED NOW? 2013 Trafficked children are victims not criminals - Lv Children's FORCED LABOUR GENERATES BIG PROFITS Commissioner, UK Profit per victim, US$ per year Trafficking victims were forced into illegal work. A young boy had to grow $21.800 $4,800 $2,500 $2,300 cannabis, a woman was forced into prostitution. Trafficking should have been considered before they were charged with crimes. GENERAL SEASONAL DOMESTIC SEX WORKER POPULATION OF LABOURER FARMWORKER WORKER 21 MILLION PEOPLE NETHERLANDS WORLDWIDE ARE SLAVES ESTIMATED VICTIMS %$450BN 20.9M 16.9M OF FORCED LABOUR, WORLDWIDE TOTAL PROFIT GENERATED BY FORCED LABOUR WORLDWIDE Rights Info Rightslnfo is a project of Global Dialogue, registered as a charity (1122052) and a limited company (05775827) in England and Wales.

Your human rights

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We created a series of beautiful infographic posters for Rights Info that explains each of the articles of the European Convention on Human Rights. All the posters are available to download for free o...


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