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Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index

WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT IN AGRICULTURE The Women's Empowwormantin Agriaulture Index measures womens ampowarment by assassing five domains. It also compares women's scores in these five areas with thosa of other men in their household to maasure gender parity FIVE DOMAINS OF EMPOWERMENT ZMPOWERED IN ARBA +10% RESOURCES +10% TIME Seema Bangladesh Dees she ha input in productive decisiona? YES NO +6.7% PRODUCTION +6.7% Dees she have Is nhe abla te locate her owm ti for produstive and dosentie cArship A woman ia comidered Doss nha have Ia ska abia to of naseete parchnen, zall o tranaler amgowered whan har acoe ie B06 or higher amd when her mgowert score in greaber tham ar equal to that of har huaband. autansy taska? is production +10% In sha natialind with the time arailable for laisure activitiee? Doas aha have accean to LEADERSHIP aredit Is she a membe af an sconomic or mocial group +20% In sha comfortahle Does she kave Saema s nelther 64% empowared nor achalves partty with her husband, peaking in pablic? cantral over the ue of income EMPOWERMENT Shart Lilian Uganda +10% RESOURCES TIME Deee she hae +6.7% PRODUCTION input in productive deciaiona Does she kare +6.7% Ia aha abla to locate ber wn tim fa cwnerehip of azsesta? Doss sha have Is she abla to purchass, sall, ar tranader azzeta? productive nd dotie tanka? atomay in production +10% Is zhe zatissad mith the Dons sha have time availabie foe lairure LEADERSHIP acc to aredit? activitie +10% Is ske a nonmbar +10% of an ecomomiz or zocial group? +20% Is she codestable peaking in puhlie +10% 83% LIlan is ampowrad and also achelvas partty with her husband, WIson Dose ska have contrel over the w of incoe EMPOWERMENT Source: United States Agency for Intematonal Development, Intemaional Food Polcy Research Institute, and Oxtord Poverty and Human Development Inftlative, Women's Empowement in Agrkulture Index, -empowement-aglulture-Index, accessed November 25, 2012. INTERNATIONAL FOOD FOLICY from IFPRI's 2012 GLOBAL FOOD POLICY REPORT RESEARCH INSTITUTE oror wcoy TEPRI rtedtecn Cet INCOME INCOME

Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index

shared by IFPRI on Mar 14
This infographic illustrates a new tool for measuring the degree of women's empowerment across five different domains of influence.


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