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Who is Spying On You on The Internet

WHO IS YOU? SPYING ON AND HOW TO STOP THEM PRIVACY THREATS AT HOME IM EMAIL HOME WIFI ROUTERS ARE EASILY HACKED YOUR ISP IS SPYING ON YOU A recent study found that the Your ISP collects information on top home wireless routers ROUTER HACKED every site you visit and every message you send online. IM [1] are easily hacked. HACKERS CAN SPYING ACCESS YOUR INFO ON USER EMAIL Not only does an unsecured network expose your private info, it gives criminals the opportunity to trade illegal information over your WiFi connection. YOU COULD BECOME A SCAPEGOAT If someone uses YOUR INFO COULD your network to post threats, BE HANDED OVER download child Your Internet info could be pornography, or trade terrorist info, handed over to the expect the FBI to come calling. government, law enforcement, or companies looking to sue for copyright infringements. FBI YOUR BOSS MONITORS YOUR BROWSING YOUR EMPLOYER MAY BE SPYING ON YOU BLOCKING ACCESS They can even block you from accessing popular sites. Your employer can monitor your online activities. DENIED! YOUR PERSONAL DEVICES ARE NOT SAFE Even when using your personal devices, employers can spy on your Internet use. HACKERS LURK IN THE CORNER AT COFFEE SHOPS HACKERS PREY ON PUBLIC WIFI NETWORKS 88% of public WiFi hotspots were found to be unsecured IDENTITY THEFT 12.6 million Americans were victims of ID theft in 2012, HACKERS CAN STEAL FROM YOU Hackers who eaves drop on public WiFi networks can gather info and steal your identity. ADWARE/MALWARE/SPYWARE THREATS LEAVING A TRAIL OF CRUMBS Websites could drop cookies on your computer to track your overall online activities and create a profile of you. USER ACTIVITY LOG BROWSING USER ACTIVITY LOG HISTORY WEBSITE OPERATORS SELL INFO Your online history is sold to advertisers so they can target you with ads. MANY COMPUTERS ARE INFECTED BY MALWARE 2 out of 5 U.S. Internet users have been infected by malware. 101010001010 01000010001 0100100 011: 110101010101 101010100101 101010001010 10000100001 010111ו 10101010101 101010100101 101010001010 010000: 010 110101010101 101010100101 .aaנDe ?1000 010000100O 0100100101 110101010101 101010100101 10101000 010 01000010G 010010010 110101010101 101010100101 Costing them a total of $4.55 billion YOU CAN BE ROBBED FROM OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE Malware can be used to hijack your computer or steal your personal data remotely. HOW CAN YOU PROTECT YOURSELF? 1. USE ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM 2. SAFEGUARD YOUR AND KEEP IT UPDATED PERSONAL INFORMATION Always use updated antivirus software and keep your operating software updated for security patches. Updated software can recognize the latest threats to your privacy and security. Be careful what you share online and who you share your personal and sensitive information with. Sharing too much personal information online makes you an easy target. An identity fraud incidence happens every 3 seconds. 3. USE A VPN SERVICE (Hotspot Shield VPN) VPNS (Virtual Private Networks) protect your privacy and identity online by encrypting your internet traffic and masking your IP address. Hacker's can't VPN YOUR steal your data SERVER IP Address : Y COMPUTER IP Address : X You SECURE Tube TUNNEL website operators see IP address of VPN, not yours Your ISP can't spy on you 4. CREATE STRONG PASSWORDS 5. MANAGE YOUR COOKIES Create a long password (9 or more characters) and include a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks. Do not use any well known information as part of Clear your cookies. Certain cookies track your online activities. Your information can then be sold to advertisers without your consent. Remove or delete unwanted cookies from your browsers regularly to protect your privacy. your password. EXAMPLE: hi7*Lpk:9s! PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY & IDENTITY ONLINE Hotspot Shield VPN service enables you to surf the web anonymously and securely, protecting you from hackers, malware, and identity theft. Get Hotspot Shield for free at: Sources: Hotspot Shield cnet [1]| hotforsecurity I javelinstrategy I statisticbrain | nakedsecurity | hotspotshield Powered by AnchorFree CO *...............

Who is Spying On You on The Internet

shared by wclquang on Jul 23
Who is spying and tracking you on the Internet? Each time you go online, you may be spied on and tracked by your ISP, the government, hackers, your employer. Learn how you are being tracked and what ...


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