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This is what structural racism looks like

THIS IS WHAT STRUCTURAL RACISM LOOKS LIKE. THE BLACK-WHITE WEALTH GAP is greater in the United States tocey than it was in South Africa in 1970, at the height of aoartneid. We also incarcerate a higher percentage of blacks today than aoartneid South Africa did. D1213) THE CYCLE IS SELF-PERPETUATING AND STARTS WITH CHILDREN. STRUCTURAL RAC SMIN EDUCATION A study published in the Jourra of Personality and Social Psychology found that young back boys were viewed differently than their white peers. ee Children in most societies are considered to be in a distinct group with characteristics such as innocence and the need for protection. Our research found that black boys can be seen as responsible for their actions at an age when white boys still benefit from the assumption that children are essentially innocent. [4] WHILE BLACK STUDENTS 35% 3570 of those are suspended once MAKE UP ONLY 18% 46% of those are suspended more than once 39 % of those are expelled.) [5] OF STUDENT POPULATION, Whites are 78% MORE LIKELY to be accepted to the same university as EQUALLY QUALIFIED [6] PEOPLE OF COLOR. STRUCTURAL RACISM IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM Elacks are Young black boys/mon, egcs 15 19. 21TIMES 20% are MORE LIKELY to be shot and killed by the police than young white boys/men." more likely to be sentenced [7] to prison than whitcsI [10] CURRENT INCARCERATION RATES BLACK MEN LATINO MEN WHITE MEN 115 136 1106 Once convicted, black offenders receive sentences that are 10% LONGER than white offenders for the same crimes. 6I9) STRUCTURAL RACISM IN EMPLOYMENT MEANWHILE. a white male with a criminal record is 5% MORE LIKELY to get a job than an equally qualified person of color with a clean record.121 [1] THE AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD NET WORTH IS $6,314 vs. $110,500 ·VS- FOR A FOR A BLACK HOUSEHOLD WHITE HOUSEHOLD AND THE DISPARITY IS ONLY GETTING WORSE [13] 1984-2007 MEDIAN WEALTH HOLDINGS BY INCOME NOT INCLUDING HOME EQUITY $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000 1984 1989 1994 1999 2003 2007 Middle Income African-Americans Middle Income Whites High Income African-Americans High Income Whites 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. felon-same-chances for-hire/ 12. Pager, Devah, Bruce Western, and Bart Bonikowski. "Discrimination in a Low-Wage Labor Market: A Field Experiment." American sociological review 74.5 (2009): 777-799. 13. 2007 DOLLARS IN EVERY

This is what structural racism looks like

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With the recent coverage of structural racism in the Academy Awards and the Presidential Primaries, we decided to put together an graphic that explains the cycle of institutional racism.




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