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What is a Child's Life Worth?

Compassion ekning chideen fo poverty Lin Jesus' name WHAT CHILD'S LIFE WORTH? IS A January 11 Is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. The facts about this terrible crime agalnst humanity are hard to read- especlally those about children forced Into literal slavery. But by learning the facts, you can be the change for exploited chldren around the world. CHILD SEX TOURISM: the commerclal exploitation of chldren by men or women who travel from one place to another, usually from a richer country to one that Is less developed, and there engage In sexual acts with chldren under the age of 18. (ECPAT International) MOST CHILD PROSTITUTES ARE A CHILD PROSTITUTE CAN SERVE UP TO UNDER THE AGE OF 12. 1,500 CLIENTS A YEAR. 20 EVERY YEAR, CHILD SEX TOURISM VICTIMIZES ABOUT 2 MILLION CHILDREN. $1,609 o BANCEOE THE AVERAGE BUSINES SMAN PAYS: FOR A FLIGHT TO BANGKOK 000000000 $211 PER NIGHT FOR A HOTEL ROOM $6.50 FOR A TAXI RIDE $5 $22.81 FOR A CHILD FOR A MEAL PROSTITUTE SEX TOURISTS ARE O 25% 18GERMAN 14 AUSTRALIAN +18% AMERICAN BRITISH WHAT HAPPENS TO CHILD PROSTITUTES? 78% OF PROSTITUTED CHILDREN AOURE STD UP TO 90% OF CHILDREN RESCUED FROM BROTHELS ARE *4 HIV INFECTED WITH (SOUTHEAST ASIA) 8 OF 8 OF 12 CHILD PROSTTUTES ABORTION WILL HAVE AN (VIETNAM) NEARLY 100% HUMAN TRAFFICKING HOTSPOTS OF SEX WORKERS ABUSE DRUGS, ALCOHOL 48 HOURS HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR A STREET CHILD OR OTHER SUBSTANCES. TO BE LURED INTO PROSTITUTION INDIA 65,000: NUMBER OF PROSTITUTED CHILDREN COLOMBIA KENYA % CHILD PROSTITUTES 30% WHO ARE HIV-POSITIVE THE PHILIPPINES 100,000 BRAZIL 500,000 UNDERAGE PROSTITUTES CHILDREN IN THE SEX INDUSTRY A CHILD'S LIFE IS WORTH PROTECTING. BUT WHAT CAN I DO? Through Compasslon, you can both prevent trafficklng and protect victims of trafflcking. PROTECT Sometimes, an Innocent chld In one of our programs Is xplolted. When that happens, Compasslon acts Immedlately. PREVENT Compassion works to stop the abuse before It starts. COMPASSION ENSURES THAT EACH CHILD IS WE PROVIDE A KNOWN, LOVED, AND PROTECTED. SAFE SHELTER FOR THE CHILD. WE KNOW THEIR NAMES, NEIGHBORHOODS, AND FAMILIES. WE DEFEND HER RIGHTS. WE NOTICE WHEN A WE RESTORE HER. SOMETHING IS WRONG. SPONSOR A CHILD AND HELP PREVENT CHILD TRAFFICKING BEFORE IT STARTS. Compassion Internatlonal Is one of the world's largest and fastest growlng Christlan chlld development organizatlons. Since 1952, Compasslon's revolutionary approach, through one-to-one sponsorship, has touched the lives of more than 2 mllion children. Christ Centered, Child Focused, Church Based and Committed to Integrity SOURCES Compassion includes/languages/en/Csec_cst.asp# aw/story?id=3385318&page=l#UKLaPobluSo 20and%20Chld% 20Sex%20Tourism.pdr http://www.savedbynall Lin Jesus' name

What is a Child's Life Worth?

shared by g9ine on May 30
Created in conjunction with Human Trafficking Awareness Day (Jan. 11) to help protect children around the world at risk of being exploited.


Human Rights
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