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What Can You Do To End Child Abuse In Jefferson County

WHAT CAN YOU D0 TO END CHILD ABUSE IN JEFFERSON COUNTY? 2.774 1.6% OF THE 172,038 Jefferson County in 2011 CHILDREN AGES 0-17 IN JEFFERSON CHILDREN WERE ABUSED COUNTY OR NEGLECTED MOST CHILDREN WHO DIE FROM CHILD O-4 AGES OF ABUSE/NEGLECT ARE BETWEEN THE 11 child deaths Jefferson County 2010-2012 12 near fatal injuries WARNING SIGNS OF ABUSE Bruising to the ears, neck, torso, buttocks or genitals of any child under 4 years ' Bruising on a baby who is not yet pulling up and taking steps ? EARS NECK Multiple unexplained injuries of children who died 8970 been seen by a medical from maltreatment had TORSO BUTTOCKS GENITALS If you see something, say something professional within 2 weeks of their death AND had signs of maltreatment that were overlooked or ignored. Bruising is the most overlooked sign of abuse * Kentucky 2005 CHALLENGING TIMES IN EARLY CHILDHOOD TERRIBLE TWOS CRYING “NO! Children begin to assert independence by saying "No!" or wanting to do tasks by themselves. This is normal. Crying is normal and frequent for babies and toddlers. It's natural to feel frustrated, but no one should ever shake or Children model their parents' reactions, so hitting harm a child. and spanking is not the answer. Instead, take a deep breath to calm down and use time out (one minute of time out for each year of age). CRYING INCREASES FROM ABOUT 2 WEEKS OF AGE, PEAKS AT 2 MONTHS THEN TOILET TRAINING LESSENS AROUND AGE 4-5 MONTHS cases of shaken baby syndrome Toilet training can be a hard time for parents, especially when children have accidents. Understanding the time it takes can help caregivers avoid feeling frustrated. MOST CHILDREN ARE NOT FULLY POTTY-TRAINED AGE OF 3 12345 6+ and even after that, accidents UNTIL AFTER THE are common. AGE IN MONTHS TIPS FOR PARENTS | ASK FOR HELP| FIND SOMEONE YOU CAN TRUST| TAKE A BREAK| Think carefully about who can watch your child. It must be someone you completely trust. Make sure you know the person very well. Don't leave your child with a boyfriend who is mean to pets or has ever hit, kicked, shoved or threatened you. If you are feeling frustrated or angry - take a break. It's okay to leave the baby in a crib or other safe place while you take a moment to regroup. Get support from people you trust: friends, family, neighbors or health care providers. Keep their phone numbers on hand. Call 1-800-CHILDREN to talk with a trained volunteer for information, support, and referrals to services in your area. WAYS YOU CAN HELP If you have experience and know how to care for babies or young children, offer to watch the children of your friends, relatives, and neighbors when they need a break. If you see an adult treating a child in a way that concerns you, talk to the adult to lend a friendly ear, redirect their attention away from the child, and show them their frustrations are normal. You can also talk to the child to show Go to to find more ways to get involved, including taking the pledge to help end child abuse and donating to the campaign. them you care about them and encourage positive behaviors. Offer the adult help with what they are trying to accomplish. ! REPORT ANY SUSPECTED CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT TO CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES. REQUIRED BY KENTUCKY STATE LAW. REPORTS MAY BE MADE ANONYMOUSLY BY PHONE. Call Kentucky's Child Protection Hotline (toll free) at 1-877-KYSAFE1 or 1-877-597-2331. Or use the new online reporting system during business hours at Always call 911 if a child is in imminent danger and needs immediate protection. Pierce, M.C., Kaczor, K., Aldridge, S., O'Flynn, J., and Lorenz, D.J. (2010). "Bruising Characteristics Discriminating Physical Child Abuse From Accidental Trauma." Pediatrics: vol. 125, no. 1. 2 Sugar, N.F., Taylor, J.A., and Feldman, K.W. (1999). "Bruises in infants and toddlers: those who don't cruise rarely bruise." Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. face it 3 The Period of Purple Crying. Available at KOSAIR CHARITIES O Protecting the Most Precious Gift of All CRYING + lututut

What Can You Do To End Child Abuse In Jefferson County

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This infographic provides some numbers behind child abuse in Jefferson County and how you can help to end it.


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