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Turkish Philanthropy Fund - Making a Difference

TURKISH PHILANTHROPY FUNDS MAKING A DIFFERENCE one philanthropist at a time vision Turkish Philanthropy Funds envisions just and sustainable communities where women and girls have equal access to opportunities and participate in every aspect of life; where all individuals, regardless of gender, religion or physical impairment benefit from an equitable and empowering education system; and where diversity is respected and nurtured. That is what Turkish Philanthropy Funds is working to realize. mission Realization of our vision requires taking philanthropy beyond the "feel good" to achieve significant and measurable impact. To accomplish this, Turkish Philanthropy Funds does two things: (1) We work with donors to understand their philanthropic goals and develop smart social investments. (2) We screen non-profits and then support the most effective programs to maximize the impact of giving. THE GREAT DIVIDE Turkey is the world's 16th largest economy. It is described as a dynamic leader in the region. As its markets and number of its entrepreneurs and businesses grow, the country is expected to be among the top 10 global economies by 2020. labor force national parliament participation rate out of total population as of January 2009 proportion of seats held by women vs men in national parliament not participating participating 9.1 % male 69.1 % women 90.9 % female 23.5 % men total 45.8 % Turkey has the lowest Labor Force participation rate out of any ECA (Europe and Central Asia) country education overview graduation rate out of total population World Economic Forum rankings over various sectors 46.52 % 4.72 % 75 EE 74 higher education and training education and healthcare secondary education higher education I. 133 86 labor market public institution efficiency growth transparency world ranking across various metrics UNDP human development index #1 #187 USA FRANCE BRAZIL 20 ARGENTINA O 84 GERMANY UK 45 TURKEY C 92 UNDP gender empowerment measure #1 #93 FRANCE USA BRAZIL E 15 O 70 GERMANY UK ARGENTINA TURKEY 17 C 90 gender gap ranking #1 #135 USA BRAZIL E 17 82 TURKEY GERMANY UK ARGENTINA C 122 11 28 aR 16 CHANGING THE NUMBERS WITH PHILANTHROPY TPF has made considerable strides in its goal of turning donors into philanthropists. Here are somę statistics: turkish philanthropy funds statistics latest statistics as of July 2012 issue areas $15.9 921 MILLION donors in donations TPF 16 fiunds named 15 founding partners collaborating 28 organizations grants across sectors as of July 2012 $9.7 MILLION Education $992K Economic Development $52K Arts & Culture $405K Disaster Relief $146K Gender Equality $11.2 MILLION HOW TO BECOME A PHILANTHROPIST Love Turkey and want to give? Here's ways to partner with TPF, step 1 step 2 step 3 CAUSES PARTNERS IMPACT Select your causes: Review projects of TPF Partners as TPF Make smart social investments as TPF will: will: 1. education 1. Vet organizations to present you with the most effective programs 1. Get timely updates on projects 2. gender equality 3. economic deve lopment 4. arts and culture 2. Work with you to find the best fit 3. Help you get a tax deduction in the US for giving in Turkey 4. Assist you in creating your own 2. Provide you with progress reports 3. Monitor impact named fund if you are interested Sources: Infographic Created By Jumpthru Copyright 2012 © Jumpthru JUMPTHRU

Turkish Philanthropy Fund - Making a Difference

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TPF is the first diaspora organization of the Turkish-American community that employs the community foundation model, which is an application of one of the oldest traditions in human history: helping ...




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