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Team Starstuck Saves the World: The Superheroes of Twitter

TEAM STARSTRUCK THESAVES THE NORLD SUPERHERDES IF TWITTER These five stars are harnessing their star power for good. Join them on Twitter and beyond as they shape the world into a more kind, fair, everything-friendly place! GEORGE TAKEI @George Takei CAPTALN OH MYYY George Takei is a happiness hero. He delights his colossal following with snappy puns, marvelous memes, and witty wisdom! As a champion of social equality and LGBT rights, he employs his well-deserved influence to spread awareness, shatter stigmas, and make everyone smile. Vulcan Salute Gigglebytes He can render anyone helpless as they are locked in a state of uncontrollable Great meme-ories It prolongs life. It produces Captain Oh Myyy conquers the humdrum of life through: wealth. It unites the masses. his flawless execution of Superpowers: It creates unspoken memes! You might facepalm, friendships. It challenges manual dexterity. It laughter while staring at pictures of cute animals with hilarious captions. but you know you love it. summons the USS Enterprise! To help give mo-meme-tum to equal rights, check out: Misha Collins @MishaCollins Misha Collins is part angel, part man, and 100% heavenly! Misha, who plays the fan-favorite angel Castiel on Supernatural, helped RANDOM to establish a unique, community-driven charity known as Random Acts. It seeks to empower individuals to believe in and act upon their ability to make a positive impact on the world. “Kindness breeds kindness" is one of their core values! Summon @jarpad and @jensenackles: Rally GISHERS: If you have any doubt of Random Angel's power, behold GISHWHES. You will Call forth mighty hybrids: Elopus. Wooster. Fograt. Twisted miracles of evolution : Demons, ghosts, monsters, gone funky, these majestic Superpowers: vicious clowns – when Team be shocked, amazed, moved, mascots join Random Angel terrified, and delighted! He commands an army of creative, heroic, fiercely loyal “hunters" that take over the Free Will unites, evil doesn't stand a chance! in his kindness-fueled quest for world peace. To exorcise normalcy and spread smiles, check out: world once a year. Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow Ellen bestows her mellow, refreshing sense of humor to many philanthropic causes. The Ellen Show has become a beloved LADY GENEROUS platform for raising awareness, celebrating diversity, advocating equality, and providing joyous laughter! She harnesses the power of surprises and smiles to ease stress, promote peace, and create equal living opportunities for humans and animals alike. Love Thy Selfie: She can snap a Inner Peace: Animal Lover: Along with the help of David Lynch, Lady Generous delivers grace and peace to the world by means of She loves and protects all animals, so they love and protect her back. She can summon these lovely creatures for help; turkeys and rescue animals are Superpowers: star-studded picture that sends huge waves of happiness, community, and generosity across the web and beyond! Transcendental Meditation. Stress begone! especially fond of Lady Generous! To build a more animal-friendly, stress-free world, check out: - Joss Whedon @JossWhedon THE NUSTICE SLAVER Joss Whedon has an imagination that defies galactic limits. The worlds he creates are dashing and poignant. He gives all of his characters, women and men, a realm to live, grow, and assert themselves within. So it's no wonder that The Injustice Slayer wouldn't stand for inequality in his own 'verse. Upon accepting the Equality Now award, he said, “Equality is not a concept. It's not something we should be striving for. It's a necessity. Equality is like gravity." Move like a firefly, Rally Browncoats: When an army of superfans still have shiny eyes over a 14-episode long space western that aired 12 years ago, there is no denying that The Injustice Slayer is a living cataclysmic emotion! legend of awesome. Fempower: Anyone who trifles with Superpowers: equality can expect to be utterly conquered by Buffy, Willow, River Tam, Kaylee, Zoe, Echo, Inara, or any other of Whedon's sting like a stake: Whedon's stories maneuver effortlessly like a leaf in the wind, all the while stabbing fans in the heart with powerful heroines. To make equality the constant element that it should be, check out: Taylor Swift @taylorswift13 STARLIGHT Taylor Swift gifts her charm and energy to a heroic list of causes. Much of her efforts aim to uplift, educate, and rescue youth. She does so by promoting child literacy, supporting hospitals, aiding families affected by disaster, and fighting discrimination. Her anti-bullying song “Mean" gives a powerful voice to the pain that victims experience. Swift Healing: Her voice is lovely, vulnerable and enchanting; it sparks hope and self-love within "Swifties" Fearless: Down-to-Earth: Taylor Swift isn't afraid to No matter how wonderstruck she makes the world, she keeps her feet on the ground. She respects her roots, pays homage to the power of music, and wears her heart on her sleeve. Superpowers: "speak now" against judgment or cruelty. This empowers young men and women to also make their voices heard by registering to vote, opening their hearts, and proudly being themselves. everywhere. To nurture a proud, educated voice in youth, check out: ONDEMAND Empowering People JUSTICE

Team Starstuck Saves the World: The Superheroes of Twitter

shared by MadisonJonesHR on Nov 10
These twitter superstars are harnessing their vast, fervent influence for humanitarian efforts. They utilize social media to entertain, empower, and outreach to fans. All together, they have the power...


Human Rights
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