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The Syrian Uprising

SYRIA Modern day Syria was formed in 1946 following its independence from France. The former Ottoman Empire province 1958 to 1961, when the Syrian Arab In 1970, Hafiz al-Asad seized power and held on to it until his death in June 2000. He was succeeded by his son, Bashar al-Assad, who ran unopposed in 2000 and 2007. A doctor by profession, the younger Assad was lured into politics following the unexpected death of an older brother. He is now being accused of ordering violent repression against protesters seeking the ouster of the Assad family from power. briefly united with Egypt from Republic was reestablished. الجمفوریات The Population Reference Bureau, Population: 22,517,750 Land Area: 185,180 sq km said there were 5.2 million young people (Ages 15-24) in Syria in 2005. That's 23% of the 49.2% total population. GDP: $107.4 billion 50.8% Russia, along with China, vetoed the U.N. Security Council sanctions vs. Syria. Russia has an active arms contract with Syria worth $4 billion, according to the Moscow Times. 263,000 $2.4-B annual budget barrels of oil exported per day for defense and manpower, according to Jane's magazine 5,000 people killed Since the popular uprising against Assad started in Jan. 26, 2011, the U.N. said. Protesters have been peacefully demanding political reforms, re-instatement of civil rights and the lifting of the state of emergency in place since 1963. Christians Jewish Kurds, Armenians & Others 10% 9.6% Alawite The Assad Family and Druze are considered 15.7% as Alawites. They have practically been ruling the majority Sunni Muslims 73.9% Sunni Muslims 90% Arabs for over 40 years now. Population by Ethnic Groups Population by Religion Tigris, 42 50 100 km 50 TURKEY 100 mi Syria and its neighbor to the north,Turkey share an estimated 901-kilometer border. Following the escalation of violence within Syria, Turkey has stepped up diplomatic pressure to impose sanctions against the leadership in Damascus. Meanwhile, Turkey has opened its doors to refugees who have fled continued firefights between the Syrian military and anti-Assad forces who are demanding for the ouster of Assad. This is the... Aleppo Al Hasakah 36 Ar Raqqah 36- Buthayrat al Ásad Latakia Med. Baniyas Sea Tarțüs Hamäh "Himş Dayr az Záwr Tadmur LEB. IRAQ DAMASCUS ARAB SPRING Mount Hermon AI Qunaytirah As Suwayda 33- is. | Golan Heights JORDAN (Israel occupied) 36 39 SAU. AR. SOURCES: CIA World Fact Book, U.N. Human Rights Commission, Human Rights Watch, The Guardian 000

The Syrian Uprising

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