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Syrian Crisis

SYRIAN CRISIS the human fallout of civil war Since commencing in March 15 2011 as an Arab Spring-inspired protest against the torture of students for anti-goverment graffiti, the revolt in Syria against President Bashar al-Assad's ruling regime has escalated to an all-out civil war. Averaging more than 125 deaths a day and forcing thousands seeking refuge outside Syria, the conflict has decimated the nation with no signs of abatement. 1,200,000 Displaced There are 14 border camps along the 565 mile border between Syria and Turkey, on the Syrian side. 100,363 people inhabit the camps, with more incoming daily. Citizens needing aid 2,500,000 Estimated refugees 355,000 - 500,000 Asylum applications to Euro nations 17,000 One third of all applications for asylum in the EU have gone to Germany, with smaller numbers to Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Britain, which granted asylum to the majority of applicants. APPROVED REJECTED Hungary and Bulgaria have rejected approximately half of all applications. Greece has rejected all, up to June 2012. Estimated deaths Estimates on total numbers of those who have lost their lives through the violence in Syria vary considerably, according to each reporting body. 30,000 - 40,150 Protestors Children 2,300 Foreigners 369 Military defectors 3,696 Prisoners 600+ Civilians Military & rebel Military & police 9,000+ Turkish citizens 5 Turkish military 2 Jordanian military 1 fighters Political & tortured prisoners 20,000+ Torture centres 27+ International impact $200m Aid donations from the EU and the European Commision. $20.4m Australian aid - 4th largest national contributor in world. 78% Syrian government weapons are supplied by Russia, with further arms and combat troops provided by Iran. $1.5b Value of Syrian arms trade by Russia Number of UN Security Council members who have vetoed all resolutions to increase international pressure on Assad to end bloodshed - Russia & China. 1 Number of political parties in Syria Sources: The UN, BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, CBS News, The New York Times, Agence France-Presse, LA Times, The Week, Toronto Star, Wall St Journal, The Australian & Reuters. Statistics current as of November 15 2012 © deltaBRAVO 2012 20

Syrian Crisis

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A snapshot of the tragic human suffering resulting from the civil war in Syria, as of November 2012. British PM, David Cameron, after visiting refugees in Jordan and on news of the Obama victory sa...





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