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the Syrian conflict and a Host Communities crisis

2011 2014 THE SYRIAN CONFLICT AND A HOST COMMUNITIES CRISIS илвсH 2011 THE SYRIAN CONFLICT STARTS YEAR th the deteriorantion 9,3 A of the security and humanitarian situation million has forced people in need of humanitarian assistance e than 2,900,000 more Syrians to flee and seek refuge in neighboring countries in the region. * 120,000 human lives lost over LARGE INFLUX 600 thousand Syrians have crossed the border Into Jordan RAPID EXPANSION OF JORDANIAN TOWNS ADDITIONAL PRESSURE undermining coping mechanis ms of institutions, communities, households and individuals. 80% have settled in urban settings $1.68 billion 132.000 CONCENTRATED IN MAFRAQ 95,000 is the estimated additional cost for Jordan OCTuuing cost or the camps ZAROA 51,000 representing 10% of the total population of Jordan UN RESILIENCE-BASED RESPONSE PROGRAMME MITIGATING the IMPACT of the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS on the JORDANIAN VULNERABLE HOST COMMUNITIES UNDP JORDAN's programme sustains social and economic stability by responding to the urgent needs of crisis-affected host communities, while also helping them to absorb refugees and avoid exacerbating of existing tensions increasing of vulnerability to poverty Work is mostly concentrated in MAFRAQ and IRBID. COMPONENT LIVELIHOODS EMPLOYMENT GENERATION ACTIVITIES VOCATIONAL TRAINING classroom training and work-based apprenticeship 500 WITH SEWING HVAC: on PRIVATE SECTOR TRAINED ENGAGEMENT on BUSINESS PLANNING ESTABLISHING MSMES 300 classroom training and support to microbusiness establishment 80 business plan ideas to be funded for start-up microbusinesses with mentoring and conching support 3 x 6 APPROACH 600 TRAINED sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable using skills, resources and local expertise to transform groups in transition countries Vensiuson crises affected individuals into proactive economic actors who are able to contribute to local economic recovery and the transition to long term development. r Condrioning of beneficiaries of short-term employment provided with business trainings 70% phase 1 INCLUSION 2 OWNERSHIP > 3 towards SUSTAINABILITY guiding principles puding principles guiding pinciples of beneficiaries' savings multiplied by UNDP for 70% VOLUNTARY PARTICPATION - COMMUNITY DRIVEN INVESTMENT OF SAVINGS ANALYZING OPPORTUNITIES I MAKING CHCICES MAKE INFORMED WESTMENT starting-up microbusinesses оноКES в РEVELOP МАиКЕТ SYSTEMS I CREATE SUSTAINABLE JOBS LAPD NCOME GENEILATION 1 STIMULATION OF THE LOCAL ECONOMY ONTVENTURING AND RISK SHARNG раетомтS 45 AСТОВS STRENGTHENNG SOCIAL COHESON IN DEVELOPMENT 1 ENGAGING 3 SAVING S INVESTING GENERATING INCOME 4 BUSINESS VENTURING ACCESSING MARKETS COMPONENT LOCAL GOVERNANCE ENHANCING AFFECTED MUNICIPALITIES 18 sWM COMPACTORS d d on bg 20,2014 MUNICIPAL SERVICES 36 FOGGING MACHINES WASTE MANAGEMENT 6 ULTRA VOLUME SPRAYS supporting local governance structures to provide adequate services EQUIPMENT WITH DELIVERY 9.500 INSECTICIDES MUNICIPALITIES ENGAGEMENT PESTICIDES COMMUNITY OUTREACH 3 PHASES/MONTHS WORKHOP 9 MUNICIPALITIES TRAINED training followed by field work to engage municipalities/communities training municipal employees from the local development units on outrench-communication tools implementation support to target municipalities on outreach tools and mechanisms on proper service delivery and responsiveness to community demands. COMPONENT HOST COMMUNITIES COORDINATION STRATEGIC GUIDANCE MECHANISM GOVERNMENT of JORDAN platform established as a coordination mechanism for host communities issues TECHNICAL HCSP SUPPORTED BY SECRETARIAT HOST COMMUNITIES SUPPORT PLATFORM 5 TASK FORCES HEALTH FOCUSING ON EDUCATION Government representatives, UN, DONORS and NGOS WATER & SANITATION LIVELIHOODS MUNICIPAL SERVICES The Platform facilitotes and provides strategic guidance to the elaboration of an integrated framework for hosting communities and oversees the technical work carried out by sectorial task forces. The Platform ensures the alignment of assistance to the Govemment's development priorities Ministry of Interior/Local Development Dept. | Ministry of Municipal Affairs Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation | Ministry of Labour GOVERNMENTAL Ruwwad For Development; Ruwwad Micro-Venture Fund KEF | ACTED | REACH | Centre for Strategic Studies/Uo) Government of Japan | Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC The World Bank | Government of Canada NON-GOVERNMENTAL UN DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS PARTNERSHIP UNDP JORDAN INERNATION IESIN Y ALESSANDRA BLASI 2014 LEBANON 1,164,067 TURKEY 822,128 JORDAN I 611,685 EGYPT 138,885 IRAG 217,886

the Syrian conflict and a Host Communities crisis

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As the Syrian conflict enters its fourth year and over 9 million Syrian people have been directly affected by the civil war, at least 2.8 million have fled the country and registered as refugees in ne...



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