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The Story of Gay Marriage & Cannabis

THE STORY OF GAY MARRIAGE & CANNABIS Will Cannabis Follour a Similar Path to qll Legalization? Cở: MARIJUANA INFOGRAPHICS! California DOMA Medical Use of Cannabis is Legalized in California 1996 President Clinton signs Defense of Marriage Act which denies federal benefits to married same-sex couples. Oregon First State Oregon legalizes medical Cannabis in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act 1999 California becomes the first state to pass a domestic partnership statute. Colorado & Nevada Vermont 2000 Civil unions for same-sex couples become legal in Vermont Colorado & Nevada legalize medical marijuana. Montana SetBacks. 2004 Constitutional amendments denying same-sex marriage are passed in 11 states Montana legalizes medical Cannabis New Mexico & Vermont More Opposition 2006 Constitutional amendments banning gay marriage are passed in seven more states New Mexico and Vermont legalize Medical Cannabis Presidential Campaign Prop 8-Round 1 2008 Barack Obama insisted that medical marijuana was an issue best left to state and local governments California voters approve Proposition 8, which bans gays and lesbians from marrying 1st State to Legalize 13 States Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, 2008 Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington -- have enacted laws protecting medical marijuana patients from state prosecution Connecticut Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage Non-Supporters 4 More States Follow lowa, Vermont, New Hampshire and D.C. all Legalize Gay Marriage 2009 CO Health Department tried again to limit the commercial distribution of medical marijuana - measure failed New Jersey & Arizona Prop 8 2010 California's Proposition 8 is declared unconstitutional in federal district court New Jersey and Arizona legalized medical cannabis Decriminalize Attorney General 2011 CA law goes into effect reducing charge of possession of up to 1loz cannabis from misdemeanor to infraction, $100 fine & no mandatory court appearance or criminal record U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says the Obama administration will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act More + More States Legalize Recreational Use Washington and Colorado Legalizes Marijuana for Recreational use & Massachusetts legalizes medical cannabis 2012 New york, New Jersey, Washington and Maryland all Legalize Gay Marriage 7 More States Legalize 5 More States 2013 Maryland decriminalize cannabis. Minnesota and New York legalize medical cannabis. Alaska, and Oregon legalize recreational cannabis Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico and Utah all Legalize Gay Marriage States' Rights Majority of USA The United States House of Rep passes a bill prohibiting DEA from using funds to arrest medical cannabis patients in states with medical cannabis laws 2014 The Majority of State have legalized or Officially Recognize Gay Marriage June 24, 2015 June 26, 2015 Removal of additional barriers still in place that limited scientific study on the effects of cannabis NOW The Supreme Court legalizés same-sex marriage across the United States in a closely divided ruling that will stand as a milestone in its 226-year history MARIJUANA INFOGRAPHICSE BE SEEN. SOURCES : s/2015/06/24/same-sex-marriage timeline/29173703/ nnabis_legalization_in_the_United_States

The Story of Gay Marriage & Cannabis

shared by Hemptress on Jul 24
This graphic was created right after the ruling to allow all types of marriage in the US.


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