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Stop-and-Frisk: Protection or Discrimination?

STOP-A FRISK Protection or Discrimination? NYC s THE DAILY CHRONICLE S 1994 BREAKING NEWS! MAYOR RUDY GIULIANI INITIATES STOP AND FRISK LAW In an effort to reduce crime and gun violence, police officers may stop, question, and frisk anyone who they deem reasonably suspicious. Will Giuliani's initiative finally clean up New York City? WHO'S GETTING STOPPED? Since its implementation, Stop-and-Frisk has consistanly been used to detain higher numbers of minorities than whites. Total Stops Innocent O Black Latino O White Race by Percentage 2003-2013 Number of "stopped-and-frisked" New Yorkers 2003-2013 800,000 60% 700,000 50% 600,000 40% 500.000 400,000 30% 300,000 20% 200,000 10% 100,000 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 First three First three quarters quarters IS THE DISCREPANCY JUST? Blacks and Latinos are more likely to be found innocent and unarmed when detained through Stop-and-Frisk. O Black Latino O White Other Stops by Race Contraband Recovery Compared to Stops 2012 2012 1:61 1:57 1:43 31% 10% 6% 53% New York City Demographies Weapon Recovery Compared to Stops 2012 2012 29% 1:93 1:71 1:49 33% 25% 13% NYC STHE DAILY CHRONICLE S 2013 IS STOP-AND-FRISK OUT OF CONTROL? Are the Increasing Number of Stops Helping? According to the NYCLU, since 2002 New Yorkers have been stopped and questioned more than Stops 97,296 4.4 million times 2002 685,724 2012 800,000 According to the NYPD, 9/10 Homicides 587 2002 532 2012 stopped individuals have been innocent. Question of Constitutionality Additionally, since 2007 nearly In 2013: Federal judge Shira Scheindlin found Stop-And-Frisk 150,000 racially discriminatory and stops have been found unconstitutional and lacking unconstitutional. justification. SOURCES: TOP-CRIMINAL-JUSTICE-SCHOOLS.NET NOWSOURCING

Stop-and-Frisk: Protection or Discrimination?

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 05
This infographic provides a deeper look into the stop-and-frisk law that Mayor Giuliani initiated.


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