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Stepping Beyond the Tents

Stepping he tents Вeyond #WorldRefugeeDay (The Real Story of Refugees) Who are they? Refugees are not migrants who move by choice. Refugees have to move to save their lives or preserve their freedom. Pakistan 1.6 million Every 4 seconds, someone is forced to flee their home. VWhere are Lebanon 1.1 million they going?! Iran 982,000 Turkey 824,000 Lebanon has the highest density of refugees to residents, at 257 refugees Where are they fleeing from?1 Jordan 736,000 Ethiopia 587,000 Syria 3 million .. . .. Kenya_537,000 Afghanistan 2.7 million Chad 455,000 Somalia 1.1 million per 1,000 Uganda 358,000 inhabitants.' Sudan 670,000 . . . How many? 15.4 million refugees? 10.2 million of South Sudan 508,000 Dem. Republic of Congo 493,000 ... Myanmar 479,000 these are protracted situations (at least 5 years).? Another 27 million within their own homelands-internally displaced are displaced by conflict Iraq 426,000 Colombia 397,000 people. 250 million people live outside >) their country of birth (includes all migrants and refugees).* Central African Republic 381,000 Stepping Beyond the Myths Myth: Refugees are solely dependent on humanitarian aid. Reality: 22 percent of refugees in urban areas received aid.? 83 percent of refugees in rural areas received aid.? UN aid was the largest source of income for the first year for refugees in urban areas, but subsequently they generated more income through business enterprises than received through aid.5 Myth: Refugees in camps are entirely dependent on humanitarian aid. Reality: There is much independent economic activity in refugee camps. 36 percent of the customers of refugee businesses in Ugandan camps are from diverse nationalities within the camps, illustrating trade across divisions.? 26 percent of the customers of refugee businesses are Ugandan nationals.? Refugee entrepreneurs in Uganda create employment; each business employs two additional Myth: All refugees live in camps. Reality: More than 1/2 of the world's refugees are in urban areas. реople.? When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God. - Leviticus 19:33-34 (NIV) Steps to support refugees: How can you walk alongside a refugee? Legal status to work is essential for self-sufficiency and not always provided. Legal status to work also can reduce abuses and exploitation of refugees. * Access to housing is key for refugees in urban areas. Encourage the entrepreneurs among refugees Advocate for & provide emergency assistance Challenge stereotypes of helpless refugees Protect refugees from further victimization and exploitation Pray: Merciful Father, bless every refugee entrepreneur who is rebuilding life and community in a new place. Heal the wounds of their trauma, especially among the children. Let them not turn against you because of it, but let them see it as “Joseph" saw his experience, "You meant to harm me, but God intended it for a good purpose" (Gen. 50:20) Sources listed at More infographics at Sponsored by: Refugee Highway Partnership gmi © 2015 RHP

Stepping Beyond the Tents

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Every 4 seconds someone is forced to flee their home. These refugees are vulnerable and without long-term options. Many struggle in significant ways. A few break through and start a new life. Get to k...





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