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Save culture Stop trafficking

SAVE CULTURE Eril TRAFFICRING ШЕ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Convention for the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property "TRAFFICKING OF CULTURE TOUCHES EVERYONE AND ROBS FUTURE GENERATIONS OF A POWERFUL LEGACY " IRINA BOKOVA, UNESCO DG TRAFFICKING CULTURE COST OF NOT INVESTING HEIGHTENED RISKS OF TRAFFICKING CRIME SOURCES Theft Museums . Looting/pillaging Places of worship Countries in conflict Illegal excavations Illicit import/export Private collections LOSS OF ROBS COMMUNITIES LUCRATIVE TRADE USED TO Archeological sites IRREPLACEABLE OF THEIR HISTORY FOR CRIMINALS FUND CONFLICTS Falsified provenance information Countries post-natural disaster OBJECTS & IDENTITY (e.g. Iraq and Syria) Illegal transfer of ownership NORMATIVE FRAMEWORKS 1970 CONVENTION GLOBAL SUPPORT 34% • Take preventative STILL TO RATIFY 1995 UNIDROIT CONVENTION measures • Impose provisions for restitution/return to place of origin • Establish a framework for • Strengthens existing provisions UNESCO 1970 CONVENTION AGAINST ILLICIT IMPORT, EXPORT AND TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF CULTURAL PROPERTY • Formulates comprehensive 66% minimum standards on International STATES PARTIES restitution and return COMPLIMENTARY INSTRUMENTS cooperation of cultural objects • Self-executing instrument UNIVERSAL RATIFICATION 100% CREATE AN ENABLING ENVIRONMENT UNESCO WORKSHOPS (2012-2015) SENEGAL (2012) 40 PARTICIPANTS 15 COUNTRIES VIET NAM (2015) 61 PARTICIPANTS 6 COUNTRIES HELD IN PARTICIPANTS BUILD CAPACITIES KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Heritage professionals (archaeologists, curators etc.) PARAGUAY (2013) 50 PARTICIPANTS 6 COUNTRIES LEBANON (2014) 34 PARTICPANTS 5 COUNTRIES Police Custom Prosecutors corps officials & judges BENEFITING TARGET AWARENESS ALERTS TO A Member States International community Heritage professionals Art market actors WEBSITE AUDIENCE CAMPAIGNS TOPICS SUCCESSFUL RETURN CASES Posters (Comité Colbert) Video clips (in travel hubs) Social media (Unite4heritage) Museums (Pergamon) Travel guides (Lonely Planet) Member States Seizures Publications Videos Thefts/looting Legislation Illicit artefacts for sale Switzerland to Tanzania: RAISE AWARENESS Heritage stakeholders Art market actors Makonde Mask Good practices Workshops Useful resources VIA Law enforcement Return/restitution Circular Letters General public Youth Germany to Turkey: Boğazköy Sphinx Web/Social Media PRACTICAL TOOLS ICPRCP (1978) Intergovernmental Committee for Promoting the Return of Cultural Property to its Countries of Origin or its Resitution in case of Illicit Appropriation MODELS/STANDARDS CODES OF ETHICS Model Provisions on UNESCO Code of Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the 1970 Convention State Ownership of Undiscovered Cultural Objects (UNESCO-UNIDROIT) Ethics for Dealers in DEVELOP POLICIES Cultural Property Basic Actions concerning Cultural Objects being offered for Sale over the Internet (INTERPOL-UNESCO-ICOM) ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums Model Export Cerfiticate for Cultural Objects (UNESCO - wco) - Facilitate bilateral negotiations where conventions cannot be applied OBJECTS IN DANGER Rules of Procedure for Mediation & Conciliation - Composed of 22 Member States mandated over a period of 4 years Object ID Standard for Inventories Red Lists of Cultural Objects at Risk (ICOM) SECURE OUR HERITAGE FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS, HELP FIGHT AGAINST THE ILLICIT TRAFFICKING OF CULTURAL PROPERTY SITUATION OF EMERGENCY GLOBAL SOLUTIONS FOR A GLOBAL PROBLEM PARTNERSHIPS UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL EU, ICCROM, INTERPOL, UNIDROIT, UNODC, WCO, ICOM, ICOMOS etc. SPECIALISED HERITAGE POLICE: Carabinieri, CDCOC, UEIDPC, etc. RESEARCH INSTITUTES: Art-Law Centre, INAH, etc. PRIVATE SECTOR: Auction houses, Museums, Tourism & Travel Industry etc. RESOLUTION 2199 (FEBRUARY 2015) PARA. 15 PARA. 16 Armed groups are generating income cultural property through illicit trafficking in cultural property PARA. 17 UNESCO, INTERPOL and other international organizations to facilitate its DECIDES THAT ALL MEMBER STATES SHALL TAKE Condemns the destruction of APPROPRIATE STEPS TO PREVENT THE TRADE IN IRAQI AND SYRIAN CULTURAL PROPERTY implementation • Establishment of Network group: Indicative UNESCO guidelines for effective implementation of resolution 2199 guidelines sent to all UN Member States UNESCO, UN Monitoring Team, ICCROM, INTERPOL, UNIDROIT, UNODC, WCO, ICOM, ICOMOS, IFLA U YOUR ACTIONS COUNT CHECK PROVENANCE FOR EVERY OBJECT USE AVAILABLE RESOURCES ALERT AUTHORITIES SPREAD THE WORD CULTURE DIVERSITY PEACE & RESPECT TOLERANCE SOCIAL COHESION ШЕИ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT HUMANITY'S LEGACY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Convention for the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property CONVENTION 197O@UNESCO.ORG Design: Antonio di Vico - ................... ...........

Save culture Stop trafficking

shared by antoniodivico on Apr 03
An infographic about the 1970 Convention. Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property – 1970


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