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Recipes for HIV-Infected Populations

WORLD FAMOUS RECIPES FOR POPULATIONS AT HIV-RISK IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Within all inhabitants of planet Earth, there are particular groups that have a higher tendency to contract HIV than the rest of the society. These are the common recipes for some most-vulnerable populations: SEX HOMOPHOBIC SURROUNDING UNSUPPORTIVE FAMILY ADDICTION ON DATING SITE BAREBACK PORN ABSENCE OF SEXUAL EDUCATION LONELY GAY ADOLESCENTS Socially-depressed, sexually-repressed gay adolescents are ten times more vulnerable to contract HIV than their straight counterparts. With no knowledge about HIV and indirect endorsement from bareback porn they may watch, they are more likely to engage in unprotected sex. Sadly, the homophobic environment may prevent them from acquiring the right support and environment. NOT HIRING ALL THE TIME LOW EDUCATION LEVEL HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE OPPRESSIVE PIMP OFFENSIVE CLIENT CRIMINALIZATION OF PROSTITUTION VICTIMIZED FEMALE SEX WORKERS Economically-frustrated women tend to end up as sex workers even though prostitution may be illegal in their countries. The constant demand of men who are willing to pay for sex becomes their motivation. Oppressive pimps and clients may force them not to use condom. On top of that, police will threat the possessions of condom as evidence of prostitution. Thus, these sex workers hardly carry any condoms with them and are easily engaged in unsafe sex setting. STRESSFUL WORK SETTING ILLEGAL OPIUM-BASED DRUGS MARKET INACCESSIBLE SPOUSE CRIMINALIZATION OF DRUG USE PROSTITUTION DEPRESSED MIGRANT WORKERS Combination of stressful work setting and the spread of heroine and other opium-based drugs lead many migrant workers to consume injected drugs as their way out. Lack of knowledge and the tendency of police treating the possession of needle as evidence of drugs consumption cause these IDUS to share unsterile needles. On top of that, the absence of their spouses triggers them to engage with prostitution, and thus, it doubles their vulnerability to the infection. GAY CLUBS/ SAUNAS/ PARTIES MOBILE HOOK-UP SITE DRUGS CONSUMPTION BAREBACK PORN IGNORANCE ON HIV-STATUS IRRESPONSIBLE GAY MEN Urban lifestyle, with a fair number of gay clubs, saunas and social events as well as the increasing use of smartphones that enables gay men to easily get access to hook-up social network - in which they commit sex date with strangers - may easily seduce many gay men to be sexually active. Such promiscuity, and perhaps accompanied by drugs consumption, easily provoke them to engage in unsafe sex. With the ignorance towards their HIV status, the virus can be even easier to be transmitted among them. PROMISCUOUS / IDU HUSBAND MISUSED TRUST + CLUELESS WIVES Based on profession, housewife is the second most-infected demographic in many developing countries. Loyal housewives are fundamentally at risk when their husbands engage in extra- marrital sex (especially with prostitutes) and/or are injecting drug users who share needles. These housewives become the victims of the epidemic simply because they trust their spouses. IRRESPONSIBLE FATHER MISUSED TRUST CLUELESS MOTHER POOR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM INNOCENT BABIES HIV can be transmitted from the infected mother to her baby during the pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding. The infection can actually be prevented by medical measures during the pregnancy. However, a mother may not get the right treatment because she is unaware of her HIV status in the very first place. This largely happens because she gets infected by her (irresponsible) husband (see above) who is also unaware of his status. In rural settings, the necessary medical setting may be unavailable due to poor healthcare distribution. y tiny_traveler t astoryoftinytraveler LIE LIE

Recipes for HIV-Infected Populations

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Within all inhabitants of planet Earth, there are particular groups that have a higher tendency to contract, HIV than the rest of the society. This infographic shows the "common recipes" for some most...


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