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An Ongoing Displacement

ONGOING DISPLACEMENT THE FORCED EXILE OF THE PALESTINIANS 1922 LAND OWNERSHIP DISTRIBUTION 925 SINCE THE 1880s, THE ZIONIST MOVEMENT HAS USED VARIOUS MEANS INCLUDING LEGAL, FINANCIAL, AND MILITARY TO DISPLACE PALESTINIANS, APPROPRIATE THEIR LAND, AND PREVENT THEIR RETURN. IN 1922, 750,000 PEOPLE LIVED IN THE TERRITORY OF THE BRITISH MANDATE, INCLUDING 84,000 OF JEWISH FAITH. Moshe Sharett First Foreign Minister of Israel 1914 WE HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT WE HAVE NOT COME TO AN EMPTY LAND TO INHERIT IT, BUT WE HAVE COME TO CONQUER A COUNTRY FROM PEOPLE INHABITING IT. 1922 POPULATION PALESTINIAN JEWISH 670,000 84,000 1948 LAND OWNERSHIP DISTRIBUTION BETWEEN 1918 AND 1948 480,000 JEWISH PEOPLE SETTLED. IN 1948 750,000, OR OVER 50% OF THE PALESTINIAN POPULATION ARE DISPLACED. David Ben-Gurion First Prime Minister of Israel 1948 **#4# THE ARABS OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL HAVE ONLY ONE FUNCTION TRANSFER LEFT TO THEM- TO RUN AWAY. 29 1948 POPULATION PALESTINIAN JEWISH 1,070,000 720,000 1967 LAND OWNERSHIP DISTRIBUTION BETWEEN 1948 AND 1967 1.3 MILLION JEWISH PEOPLE SETTLED. IN THE1967 WAR 440,000 PALESTINIANS ARE DISPLACED. BY 1967 1.1 MILLION PALESTINIANS ARE LIVING IN EXILE. Moshe Dayan Former Defense Minister of Israel 1967 ### [HOUSES WERE DESTROYED] NOT IN BATTLE, BUT AS PUNISHMENT. AND IN ORDER TO CHASE AWAY THE INHABITANTS. 1967 POPULATION PALESTINIAN JEWISH 1,280,000 2,380,000 FODAY 2008 LAND OWNERSHIP DISTRIBUTION AFTER 1967 240,000 PALESTINIAN RESIDENCES REVOKED. BETWEEN 1967 AND 2008 1.8 MILLION JEWISH PEOPLE SETTLED. BY 2008 5.3 MILLION PALESTINIANS ARE LIVING IN EXILE. Binyamin Netanyahu Current Prime Minister of Israel #444 44444 ### #4*4 2009 [THE PALESTINIANS] MUST PERMANENTLY ABANDON サササガ が サガガ 州 " サガサガ が THEIR DEMAND TO SETTLE THE OFFSPRING OF REFUGEES WITHIN THE BORDERS OF ISRAEL. 2008 POPULATION PALESTINIAN JEWISH 5,120,000 5,610,000 llan Pappé Israeli Historian 2010 QUOTE SOURCES In order of appearance KEY MAP AND DATA SOURCES Maps show Jewish-owned land up to 1948, and Israeli defined 'state land' and Jewish National Fund land thereafter. Moshe Sharett, quoted in Benny Morris, Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict 1881-1999 (Vintage 2001), page 144. ISRAELI/ JEWISH PALESTINIAN MAPS ADAPTED FROM IN A NUTSHELL, ZIONISM IS [...] AN ATTEMPT TO TAKE A RELIGION, A CULTURE, [...] AND CONDENSE IT INTO AN ETHNIC IDENTITY IN A COLONIALIST Malkit Shoshan, 2010. Atlas of the Conflict: Israel-Palestine B'Tselem, 2012. Map of the West Bank, Settlements and the Separation Barrier. LAND STATUS AND POPULATION David Ben-Gurion, quoted in Benny Morris, Righteous Victims, page 144. POPULATION DATA COMPILED FROM Moshe Dayan, quoted in Benny Morris. Righteous Victims, page 328. Golda Meir quoted in Avi Shlaim, The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World (WW Norton 2001), page 311. Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics Badil, 2009. Survey of Palestinian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons. 100,000 ISRAELI SETTLERS DISPLACED IN EXILE 100,000 PALESTINIANS PALESTINIANS Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel MFA, 2009. 'Address in Memory of Theodore Herzl." 100,000 Haaretz, 2012. 'Israel admits it revoked residency rights of a quarter million Palestinians'. llan Pappé, Hart of the Matter, 2010. TV interview with journalist Alan Hart. Levy Institute, 2012. The 1967 Census of the West Bank and Gaza Strip (accessed on 8 May 2013) CONTEXT. 29 Jewish Virtual Library, 2006. Demography of Palestine & Israel (accessed on 8 May 2013) Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, 2011. Palestine (accessed on 8 May 2013) VISUALIZINGPALESTINE V avisualizingpal f www.VISUALIZINGPALESTINE.ORG. MAY 2013. SHARE AND DISTRIBUTE FREELY. CREATIVE COMMONS BY-NC-ND 3.0 LICENSE.

An Ongoing Displacement

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