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Nonprofits have an important role in social change

NONPROFITS HAVE AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN SOCIAL CHANGE. Canada Germany 24% Jordan is the EXCEPTION where religious institutions are ranked No. 1 and nonprofits are No. 3. 26% United States 21% China Jordan 14% 33% India Mexico 29% 19% Brazil 26% NONPROFIT RANKING 7 OUT OF 8 COUNTRIES surveyed say nonprofits are one of the top two ways adults are MOST LIKELY TO GET INVOLVED in positive social change. # 1 WAY TO GET INVOLVED #2 WAY TO GET INVOLVED #3 WAY TO GET INVOLVED PERCEIVED STRENGTHS OF A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION In several countries, COLLEGE-EDUCATED ADULTS (4-year degree or higher) are more likely than others to agree with these benefits of nonprofits. on aeraye THEY MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO BE 48% INVOLVED IN SOCIAL CHANGE. AGREE JORDAN CANADA U.S. GERMANY THEY HAVE THE RESOURCES AND INFLUENCE NECESSARY TO MAKE SOCIAL CHANGE HAPPEN naverae 41% AGREE IN A WAY THAT INDIVIDUALS CANNOT. an avera ge GETTING INVOLVED IN A CAUSE OR ISSUE THROUGH 39% AN ORGANIZATION IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY AGREE TO MAKE SOCIAL CHANGE HAPPEN. 71% 59% 74% 64% 63% 53% 75% 66% |4-year degree or higher Less than 4-year degree PERCEIVED WEAKNESSES : OF A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION TOO MUCH OF THEIR BUDGETS GOES TO OVERHEAD 36% ) COSTS, WHILE NOT ENOUGH GOES TO PROVIDING SERVICES OR MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN. 1 OLDER ADULTS in Jordan, Germany, the U.S. and Canada particularly agree that not enough of nonprofits' budgets goes to making change happen. AGREE THEY MOVE TOO SLOWLY an average 26% AGREE TO MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN. T: an average 18% THEY DO NOT ALLOW INDIVIDUALS TO FEEL THAT THEIR VOICES ARE BEING HEARD. 40% 47% 55% 58% AGREE JORDAN GERMANY U.S. CANADA *Definitions of age groups vary by country. Older adults groups are within ages 41 and older. 71% Globally, adults are more likely to agree with the three POSITIVE attributes or strengths of nonprofit organizations presented than the three NEGATIVE 54% attributes or weaknesses presented. SOURCE: WALDEN UNIVERSITY'S 2012 SOCIAL CHANGE IMPACT REPORT CONDUCTED BY HARRIS INTERACTIVE, FEBRUARY–MARCH 2012 Note: Data for each individual country is representative of that country. The "Average Result" is the arithmetic average across all 8 countries. This measure does not account for differences in population size and thus is not representative.

Nonprofits have an important role in social change

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Nonprofit organizations are one of the top two ways adults are most likely to get involved in positive social change. On average, about half of adults agree nonprofits make it easy for people to be in...


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