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Maternity Benefits Around the World

HIGHLIGHTING MATERNITY BENEFITS AROUND THE WORLD A GLOBAL INFOGRAPHIC Reduced income during maternity leave is a significant cause of debt problems for many women in the UK. We take a look at maternity benefits around the world. THE TOP FOUR weeks Mounties might get 60 weeks Swedes are right up there with some of the best maternity packages in the world. 60 weeks at 80% of pay their man but Canadian mums get 50 weeks of maternity leave at up to 45% pay (capped at $485 55% a week). 80% 100% 100% 52 weeks 52 weeks If Denmark's Sarah Lund take a break from crime fighting and have a child, she could look forward to 52 weeks at 100% pay ever decides Serbian mums also benefit from 52 weeks of maternity payments on 100% pay COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD maternity leave rights in the UK compare to other countries around the world. See how Russia Slovakia Malta You might be 'Russian' Slovakians get slightly less Malta boasts beautiful over when you hear that mums in Russia get 20 weeks of maternity leave at 100% of their pay maternity pay than their Czech neighbours, with 28 weeks' leave but just 50% of pay, beaches and sunny weather, and mums who live here can look forward to 14 weeks of compared with 60% in the Czech Republic maternity leave with 100% of pay UK America Sweden Land of the free... God Save the Queen! British mums get 52 weeks Last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner, Sweden, off, with up to 90% of their pay. UK mums can apply for other means-tested benefits too home of rushed mums. Maternity leave in the U.S.A. only lasts 12 weeks, and there's no national offers expecting mums among the best maternity benefits program - but different states offer different benefits in Europe with 60 weeks leave at 80% of pay Japan Croatia France Croatian mums can enjoy Japan may be the home of sushi, but pregnant mums Our cross-channel allies the same benefits as their have fewer maternity benefits neighbours Serbia, with 52 weeks of maternity leave with 100% of pay are advised not to eat it. Mums than us. French mums are are entitled to 14 weeks of entitled to just 16 weeks of maternity leave with 67% of pay here maternity leave, but they do get 100% of pay Denmark Czech Republic Serbia The original home of Lego and the Little Mermaid, Part of what used to be Landlocked Serbia offers among the best maternity benefits in all of Eastern Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic offers reasonable maternity benefits to Czech mums, who are entitled to 28 weeks of leave and 60% of pay Denmark also offers excellent maternity benefits for women, who can receive up to 52 weeks of leave with 100% of pay Europe, where mums can take 52 weeks of leave with 100% of pay Canada Australia New Zealand Canada neighbours America, It doesn't matter if you're New Zealand has many but mums here get better maternity benefits with 50 weeks of maternity leave at a Bruce or a Sheila in Australia: areas of outstanding natural both of you can take up to 52 weeks of leave - but you'll only be paid for 18 beauty. Parents here are entitled to 100% of pay for 14 weeks of parental leave, plus 38 weeks of unpaid leave. Beautiful up to 45% pay KEY FACTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD One of the first sounds In 2012, the top three Female employees in the UK must take two baby names in the UK were Olivia, Lily and a baby can make that weeks' compulsory maternity leave after the birth of their baby sounds like a word is "ma". Sophie : ra girl and Harry, Jack and Oliver for a boy. Nearly every language in the world uses that as the basis for their word for 'mother'. We hope you enjoyed our tour of the globe. Here's one final fact for you. The awerage pregnancy lasts 266 days, or 38 weeks. Congratulations to any expecting parents out there! Data sources: www.businesszone.cuk Created by

Maternity Benefits Around the World

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Starting a family is an exciting time and nothing should overshadow the thrill of bringing a new life into the world. Sadly, the drop in income during maternity leave can lead some new mums into debt....




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