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Kids Locked Up For Life

Take LIKE US: FACEBOOK.COM/TAKEPART FOLLOW Us: @ TAKEPARI Part KIDS LOCKED UP FOR LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE-A U.S. MONOPOLY IN 2005 ► The Supreme Court found the death penalty unconstitutional for juveniles. The Supreme Court deemed the sentencing of juveniles to life IN 2010 without parole for non-homicide crimes unconstitutional. The Supreme Court ruled that homicides committed by IN 2012 juveniles cannot carry sentences of mandatory life without 16 YRS OLDS parole. 000THE FACTS REMAIN---o000 THE UNITED STATES NEARLY HALF of the youth sentenced to life without parole did not actually commit is now the only country in the world that sentences children to life in prison with no possibility of parole for crimes committed the murder. 59% Nationally, 59 percent of juveniles sentenced to life without parole are first-time offenders-without a single crime on a juvenile court record. UNDER AGE 18. 36 YRS OLD 20 CHILD DEVELOPMENT RESEARCHERS YOUTH SENTENCED TO PRISON WITH WIDELY AGREE THAT YOUNG PEOPLE NO OPPORTUNITY FOR RELEASE ARE YEARS LATER WHO COMMIT CRIMES HAVE A BETTER OFTEN LEFT WITHOUT ACCESS TO CHANCE AT REHABILITATION PROGRAMS AND REHABILITATIVE THAN ADULTS. SERVICES WHILE IN PRISON. THE NUMBER OF YOUTH IN THE U.s. SENTENCED TO LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE: The U.S. will spend more than $4 billion to incarcerate these youth until they die. $4 BILLION • Internatlonal law prohlblts the use of Ilfe without parole for those who are not yet 18 years old at the time of thelr crime. • Youth offenders lack the experlence, educatlon and mental development of adults. Youth offenders must be glven a reasonable opportunlty to obtaln release based on demonstrated maturlty and rehabllltatlon. ►* *** TAKE ACTION LEND YOUR VOICE TO FAIR SENTENCING FOR YOUTH SOURCES: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH DOCUMENT "WHEN I DIE," CALIFORNIA STATE SENATOR INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN BY COLUMN FIVE LELAND Y. YEE'S SB-9 FACT SHEET, CAMPAIGN FOR THE FAIR SENTENCING OF YOUTH

Kids Locked Up For Life

shared by scream5962 on Sep 11
An eye opening infographic that talks about more than 2,500 people in the United States who are serving sentence sof life without possibility of parole for crimes committed as juveniles.




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