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ROUHANI'S JUSTICE #No2Rouhani INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE O340PEOPLE have been EXECUTED since Rouhani took office! MMMMMMMMM ROUHANI WON'T COOPERATE WITH GLOBAL LEADERS, TERRORISTS that's 55% out of a total of 614 this year alone. ON THE OTHER HAND... Many are executed for ARBITRARY ACCUSATIONS, i like the Moharebah = Those who have "Sinned Against God." HEZBOLLAH-LEBANESE FREEDOM FIGHTER XPUBLIC HANGINGS are commonly used. WHighest kill count? 46 dead in a few days. ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE US AND ISRAEL MURDERER'S ROW : RECIEVES TRAINING, WEAPONS AND MONEY FROM TEHRAN BASHAR AL-ASSAD PRESIDENT OF SYRIA RESPONSIBLE FOR 100,000 Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli DEATHS IN THE ONGOING Minister of Defense Minister of Interior Guilty of stealing funds from his office at the Supreme Audit Court Minister of Justice SYRIAN CIVIL WAR AKA Minister of Murder for his HUNDREDS of extra-judicial executions Implicated in 1983 Beirut bombing and built Hezbollah from the ground up : RECEIVES MONEY, OIL AND WEAPONS FROM TEHRAN Legal Rights USA IRAN BOKO-HARAM Right to Remain Silent YES NO THAT'S WHAT TORTURE IS FOR ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUP IN NIGERIA WHO ATTACKED A CHRISTIAN WEDDING CONVOY, KILLING 30 : RECEIVES INTELLIGENCE, WEAPONS Right to Face Accuser YES NO BECAUSE IT COULD BE GOD Right to an Attorney YES NO BECAUSE YOU MIGHT WIN Right to Habeus Corpus YES NO DISAPPEARING IS FAR EASIER Right to a Jury of Your Peers YESNO UNLESS THE MEDIA HEARS ABOUT IT AND TRAINING FROM TEHRAN Religious'Tolerance WOMEN'S RIGHTS IN Kilometers: ILUU Tehran that read "Israel must be destroyed" Council Woman 11 women are in prison under sentence of Range of missiles Rouhani paraded through Nina Siakhali Moradi 1500 was Deemed "TOO stoning. Websites: Taken down a month on average for being "anti-religious." convictions do not recuire evidence, but can be determined by the Judges Lashings: PRETTY Given to four Christians found TO SERVE" "gut feeling partaking in Communion Wine. 95 30 Student records: 18 MONTHS IN PRISON = Declared "incomplete" due to ROUTINELY HARASS & ACCOST WOMEN WHO AREN'T WEARING THEIR HIJAB SIN PUBLIC the students' Baha'i faith. Arrests: Made at a birthday party for being \homosexuals and satanists." ACTRESS PEGAH AHANGARANI'S SENTENCE FOR REFORMIST POLITICAL VIEWS Years: American Pastor Saeed Abedini was sentenced for starting Christian Churches. EXECUTIONS • • • INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE • • • MURDERER'S ROW • • • LEGAL RIGHTS • RELIGIOUS INTOL- ERANCE • • • • • • WOMEN'S RIGHTS • • • • •

Information Graphic

shared by screef on Apr 24
Information graphic created in Adobe Illustrator as a freelance graphic design project for Mercury LLC to use in print and digital efforts




Human Rights
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