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Impunity Unesco

STOP IMPUNITY Freedom of expression is under siege depriving societies and communities from correct information on issues and matters at hand. A culture of impunity fosters a climate of fear, apathy and suspicion where individuals are afraid to talk about the issues that affect their communities and societies at large. Killings of Journalists Period: 2006-2013 "Journalists must be able to keep the public informed without fearing for their lives. A free and independent press is essential for democracy and rule of law" 5% cross-platform 6% foreign correspondents 6% women Impunity creates a vicious cycle and a culture of self-censorship. 7% web 150- 21% radio "These rights are essential for human dignity -- they are also vital for all other rights, for good governance, democracy and the rule of law, for inclusive and sustainable development" 123 Journalists are attacked for reporting on sensitive topics, creating self-censorship in the media as well as in society. A climate of fear for speaking out blocks the public from the truth and has repercussions on the credibility of the judicial system. This is followed by a sense of impunity and lawlessness which emboldens perpetrators and encourages other offenders to attack the media. 120- 91 94% local 26% television 90 - 94% men 77 journalists "I also call on all governments to strengthen the safety of journalists by ensuring that those responsible for such violence are held accountable" 60 - 41% print "The loss of individuals who brave danger to ensure that the world is kept informed of events in conflict zones affects to us all" 30- 06 07 08 09 10 T1 12 13 TOTAL number of deaths per year UNESCO Director-General local & foreign type of media sex 593 killings condemned by the UNESCO Director-General An average of 1 death per week! More than 9 out of 10 cases remain unsolved! ARAB STATES ASIA & PACIFIC 190 killings Trend: sharp increase with a peak in 2012 179 killings Unresolved: Trend: overall decline after the peak in 2009 Ongoing judicial inquiry: 171 cases (28.8%) (99%) 188 cases Resolved: 2 cases Unresolved: Unresolved: (93.3%) 167 cases Resolved: 12 cases LATIN AMERICA & THE CARRIBEAN (93.6%) 555 cases Resolved: 38 cases 123 killings Trend: upward trend Unresolved: (90.2%) 112 cases Resolved: 12 cases AFRICA 76 killings EUROPE & NORTH AMERICA 25 killings Trend: constant until an increase in 2012 and 2013 Unresolved: (97.4%) 74 cases Resolved: 2 cases Trend: overall decline Unresolved: (60%) 15 cases Resolved:10 cases cecommons creative

Impunity Unesco

shared by Sonja on Jan 08
I created this infographic as a contribution to the Unesco Impunity infographics competition (oct. 2014). The subject: too many killings of journalists go unpunished.


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